Empyrion - Galactic Survival reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review Starry Time: 118800 My Name is Captian Rocket. In The Orbit of Akuma, the Propulsion of our Ship reached the Critical Phase. The Ship broke up. Only three of us managed to escape in the rescue capsules. Security Chief Johnson, Technician Pliers and me. Thanks to the Control Nozzles of the Escape Capsule, I managed to control a Landing point, which was designated by the Scanners with rich Mineral Resources. Pliers and Johnson went down nearby. It soon became clear to us that in order to survive, we had to build a Temporary Base. The Constructor, which among other Things, belonged to the Survival equipment of the Rescue Capsule helped us with this. We mined the Mineral Resources and refined them. Unfortunately, we also encountered there the first aggressive Life form in the Form of a Humanoid Flower. That's how we lost Pliers. Since the Base was still under Construction and thus had no Clone Tank, he went Offline. Johnson and I came to the Conclusion that we had to stay together to survive. I gave him the sparse Rest of my Ammunition. I mined the Resources, he gave me Cover. Soon We had our Base as far as we could switch it Online. Unfortunately, we also made the Xenos attention to us. The Xenos are an Alien breed hostile To Humans, and soon their Drones appeared and attacked us. Thanks to Johnson, we survived this. As he was wounded in the process. We had to familiarize ourselves with the native Flora. Soon we had found which Plants were edible and which were not. We Also found medically Useful people. Thanks to the Water Generator, which we set up near the Shore of our Base, we soon had enough Water to create Auric Areas. But the Problem with the Xenos remained. We went through the Blueprints in the Archive. We Quickly realized that neither the Resources nor the Time for Construction in the Factory were possible. So We took what we had left and built a Defensive System at the base for the First time. Not at Late, the next Attack is not long in coming. Thanks to the Slaughtered Drones, we managed to build a Hovervehicle. It was more of an ugly Structure on Hovering ovens, but so we managed To cut soil at a wide faster rate. After a short Time we also had enough Metals to build the one Ho-plasher. Now we were able to fight back. The Xenos had set up Bases distributed throughout the planet. We attacked them. They were hard Fights and too late we noticed that the Xenos also had Clone Technology. However, after destroying the Cloning Plates, we were able to turn off the Bases. More than that. We found Materials for The construction of a Spaceship and even unknown metals, so that we could build something like a Warplane Drive. After a short Time we had a Ship, a Warp Drive and a Plan. Unfortunately, it is also a Problem. The Warp Drive required Crystals. We found a few Splinters in the Lakes, but these were not enough. So we loaded the Oxygen we had extracted from the Generator at the Lake into the Ship and flew into Orbit. This showed us that the Moon was rich in these Crystals. So we got them. Now we were ready to leave. Push Through The Warp Wall and search for our Sister ships on the adjacent Planet. Hoping They had fared better than us. This is the Report of Captian Rocket. + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + The Story is supposed to explain how the Game is about going on in Survival Mode. I'm excited about the Game of what it offers and how it looks. The Planets differ from Appearance, Hazard (Atmosphere, animals, Etc.) and Ground Treasure Deposits from each other. In Creativity Mode, you can build Ships, Bases, Hovervehicles, save them as a Blueprint, and create them in Survival mode when you've paid The Cost of the Materials. Almost everything you find in Mineral Resources or Vegetation makes sense. You have a level system with which you can gain experience points and use them to Unlock objects such as Weapons, Tools, components, Etc. The Idea that you only take the Steel Block into the inventory, for example, but by right-click the different Shapes can be very well thought out, because it saves space in the Taskbar. I would recommend the Game at any time, unless you like fast-paced Action. The Game requires one, through the Construction phases, to a bit of Gridlock from time to time. Or rather, sometimes you have to Worry about Point C of the List Because point A Is still in work in order to be able to use Point B.