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Endless Jade Sea -Midori no Umi

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A suspense with a twist, this game is made by Cabbit, sister brand of SkyFish. The special touch of the female screenplay writer has brought this game to a whole new level. A group of youngsters, who suffered from memory loss, got lost in a mansion in the woods. What will their fate be? ✿ Story ✿ ———In the vast jade sea, where there's nothing but deep green leaves. No one can escape, until we met——— A beautiful lake. And a mansion that has 12 people living in it. Library, instrument room, this place is like heaven to all of us. A group of youngsters, who can remember anything, have come to this place. There's no way out. Definitely no way out. No way out of this deep darkness. You leave if you want, but there no guarantee that you'll get out. She called this place, this stunning but ugly place, "Eden". To ensure life line. The disappearing ones. They slowly remember their past. Why did we get to this place? Want to know, but advised not to try. What if I do... ———Ignorance is rare blessing. Why not just tilt your hear upward, and enjoy the sun shining on your face? ✿ Staff ✿ Artist: さえき北都、ゆき恵 Script: 御厨みくり Music: MANYO(LittleWing) Vocal: 霜月はるか、MAMI VA: 羽高なる、小仓结衣、铃谷まや、桃也みなみ、金田まひる、手冢りょうこ、雾岛はるな、川居由芽、川中瀬菜、陵陵 ✿ Game Music ✿ OP:『翼を持たない少女』 Composing/Arrangement: MANYO(LittleWing) Lyrics: marie Vocal: 霜月はるか ED:『永远の楽园(とわのらくえん)』 Composing/Arrangement: MANYO(LittleWing) Lyrics: marie Vocal: MAMI
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: WIN7 SP1/WIN8/WIN10/XP
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible graphics card
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Endless Jade Sea -Midori no Umi reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Endless Jade Sea-Midori no Umi-Introduction: I'm probably one of the few Players who doesn't dwell much on Games before. I am reluctant to be spoiled and prefer to have my own Experiences. Many inform themselves or let themselves be raised or influenced when It comes to games. I saw this VN in January that has now come out and thought to myself ... Oh for the low Price I like to look at it. So, as always, not really biased. There are really few Games that I wish to do before and therefore very often I can just enjoy Games without getting Me any information beforehand. Ok at AAA Games this is going to be hard, because you really see it everywhere, but like here a little sweet VN is not really advertised in Germany. My Purchase took place in January and I had installed it and am actually quite positively surprised, even if there are negative Points. Plot We begin the Story as a Quay who has lost his Memory and is lying on the Ground. A Lake is Close with us and you don't really know who you are or how you got to this Place here. A Voice sounds and you slowly recognize a Person. A sweet Girl talks to us and helps you up. Here begins the Story about a House by the lake in the middle of the Forest, which you can not cross and in the House where 12 People live, an e/r to the anderen/m comes. Now we are also one of the People who will live here. A Group of Youngsters who can't remember anything have come to this Place. There is no Way Out and everyone is in a Boat ... ah pardon in a House solid. It seems like a Paradise here, but those who don't want to be here can't escape through the dense Forest, so you now live here and learn, do sports, or you read in Books. But why are you here? Many Questions that arise before you get Answers slowly. The Story begins sweetly and harmlessly, but becomes more and more of a bigger Drama, a Thriller and a Crime Thriller by the minute. As with many UN, Eroticism must not be missing and it occurs very late. How will the Story go, here is the biggest Question, but be sure that this is not paradise and we will find that out soon ... Pro: + very nice Drawing Style + Story I like very much (Drama, Thriller, Crime thriller, Eroticism, Lovestory) + enchanting Soundtrack + all have a Japanese Dub (except Quay) + very long "reading time" + the Price is ... I don't know how to say it ... Given? ... Why is this so cheap (no I didn't settle) + a lot of Settings in The sound area (any Voice Setting, Music or Background noise) + Settings on the Text very good (automatic Speed at 40 is perfect for me without having to click) + Sometimes Animations introduced + 18 + Patch (and yes there is one, as some write it, that he does not go) + many Endings and a Playing Time of at least 15-20Hrs if you take all the Paths) Contra:-Bugs (Texts that disappear at once or overlap)- Translation is machine-created, sometimes very bad-Since the Translation is faulty, you have to look away at it (which damages the Story) Conclusion: For me, this UN is one of the few that surprises me very positively at the same time and at the same time breathes a bit negative. . It is very difficult to decide here, but I see all the Work and the Price And then the translation Problems are a bit petty to me. At less than €2, I get along very well with Translation Problems, because otherwise it is very understandable. My English is not good and I notice Mistakes, but I understood just about everything so far. Even if there are a two Gaps, which you can translate yourself with a little Thought, you can hardly give the Thumbs down here anymore. What I have been offered has paid for this €2 for a long time and can recommend it to anyone with a clear Conscience. However, even to advise those who do not like Translation Errors, which can be seen very strongly. On the Subject of whether the Game is complete and whether the 18 + Patch [vndb.org]. Yes it is complete and even the Patch is fine. Breasts are uncut and untenrum is definitely Mosaic Censorship. In addition, this UN is not only because of Eroticism 18 + but probably also because of History in general. But again, I'm not going to reveal anything about it. You would like to Subscribe to more Reviews of me sehen/Read here and at please also like to join my Group and participate in my Give Away. Aus eigener Sache: ══════════════════════════════════════════════ Über Zensuren informiert werden? for UNCUT! Group for UNCUT! Stream [www.twitch.tv] ══════════════════════════════════════════════
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