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Fable of the Sword

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This is a galgame with a story of ancient. It takes the developing group 蔷薇千墨 6 years to finish. With full-audio, this game will present you an experience when swords did the talk for you. And with the amazing theme song, it will like returning to the ancient, simpler time. Background: As tales go, Pheonix with flame surrounded his body, is the king of all birds. But with the world suffering, the Pheonix just wouldn't have it. He lit all evil with his fire, and burnt out to ash with them. After 49 days the fire finally burnt out, a sword appeared in the ash of the Phoenix. But tales are only tales. Time past by and the real story got buried in the dust. Storyline: The game is about stories which happened when Lin was following his junior fellow apprentice to go down the mountain for their martial art training. During their way, when passing the Tanglin City, they found Jolin Shen, a demon fox, was inciting and creating trouble there. Teaming up with disciples from the Treasure Pavilion, they caught Jolin Shen finally. But unexpectedly people from the Water God Sect were suspected of having been involved in it. Afterwards, along with Seven and Bai, they went to the Four Phase Mountain to explore the truth about the rumors on a legendary sword. However, when they spotted the conspiracy, it had been too late. Did what all happened stem from the Water God Sect? Or some sects else were behind? Were the following men related to the conspiracy, who covered Yuu, Lin’s junior fellow apprentice, a mild yet severe man? Seven, a well-behaved hunter?  Or Bai, who was mysterious and unsociable ? Or Yuun, who was always elusive?
Release date
Feb 8, 2018
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: WIN7 SP1/WIN8/WIN10/XP
  • Processor: Intel Core2DUO 1.2GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX9.0 VRAM128MB
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Fable of the Sword reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Fable of the Sword 《 劍起風雲之鳳凰劫 》 is a short but captivating Wuxia (武俠) adventure packaged as a Visual Novel. This Game really surprised me as I was only used to bad Titles by the Publisher SakuraGame until now. So I first waited for a Sale where I bought Fable of the Sword for €0.99. Now, however, in Hindsight, I would also have bought it at the Original Price of €1.99. Briefly on the Story Our Protagonist Lin (林朔) is Taoist and Follower of an Orthodox Sect named Mt. Jade. Along with Yuu (安陵月), he heads to Tanglin City. Along The way, the pair meet young hunter Seven/Steve (阿七), who is haunted by Demons. After expelling the Demons, Lin and Yuu continue their Journey. At the Finish, she Achieves a Rumor of a legendary Sword, which is thought to be in a Mountain nearby and which possesses the immense Power of a Phoenix. The Rumors of the Sword's Existence have caught the Attention of both unorthodox And Orthodox Sects, which are now coming to "White Emperor City" in Droves. Are they Also behind the increased attacks of Demons on Humans? And what do the distant Yuun (楼云) and the mysterious Bai Yeh Have to do with the whole Event? Graphic The CGs, Backgrounds, Sprites and Character Portraits are lovingly designed and varied. However, there are slight Differences in quality. Sound The Game offers a nice Soundtrack and very good Speakers, but in case of Failure to Be regulated individually in the Options. Almost every Character is set to music and all but two Reels have very good Audio quality. Translation The Translation is not the yellow from the Egg, but it is much better than in previous Titles published by SakuraGame. In addition to the usual Problems of literally translated Phrases, forgotten articles and swapped Pronouns, there are also Things that are simply renamed in between. Seven is suddenly called Steve and the Nimbusse from the 3-Match Mini-game Are also constantly renamed. Unfortunately, the Game has not been completely adapted to the English Text, so the Line Break is simply made in the middle of Words. Also slips from time to time the Text from the next Character into the current Dialogue and the Font Also changes occasionally. Despite the Aforementioned problems, however, one can follow the Story well and read the Dialogues Fluently. :) Gameplay In Addition to the many Decisions that occur especially in The first Part of the Game, Winning or Losing the Mini-games also influence the Story. Every Time Our Protagonist fights, this Fight is depicted with a Mini-game. There are three Types of Mini-games: 3-Match, Troubleshooting and Memory The Menu is simple and clear. I Particularly like the Characters ' Relationship Ad. Via a Heart Symbol you come to a Side with black and white Sprites of the four Main Characters, which then get more And more color With correct Game decisions. Let Me do something Different about the otherwise boring Percentage Ads. It is Also positive that the Game gives Memory recommendations before the Mini-games. However, these are sometimes poorly worded or there is simply "save game." Please always save over the menu And do not click directly on the "save game." Otherwise, the Mini-game will start directly. The Chinese Version of Fable of the Sword also has many more Features. For example, a Soundtrack Gallery and short Chibi style Cartoons that you unlock by Reaching the perfect Ends. P.S.: For those who wonder if this is a Game with BL Elements, I can say that while you can interpret something into individual Dialogues and the Ends, the Focus is definitely on the Plot. = This Game is a Fantasy Visual Novel with a little Bromance. I hope there are irgentwhen Steam Cards and Achievements for this beautiful Game:)
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