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eSports Life

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eSports Life is the absolute pro-gamer simulator in which you take on the role of an amateur video games enthusiast with the objective of becoming an eSports star. Feel the thrill of competitive gaming as you turn yourself into the ultimate electronic athlete.

Real-life eSports clubs
Sign for the best eSports clubs in the world! Make your dream come true and defend the honor of authentic #1 teams!

Different gaming disciplines
Show your skills in the two most popular eSports genres: FPS and MOBA. Master each of them to defeat your rivals either on your own or in a team.

Become a billionaire
Start your career at home, trying to balance your academic, social and professional life. Train hard and turn yourself into a legend. You can even end up controlling the lucrative eSports industry as a whole!
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U-Play Online
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: Intel i3 or equivalent
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1GB VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 8 GB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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eSports Life reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review Well Yes! After about 2 Hours of playing, you understand how the Bunny runs. Here's my first Impressions, whereby I try to judge as neutrally as possible: The Game is very story-heavy, while the integrated turtorial Also takes quite a long time. Whether this is good or bad, however, is up to everyone. The Graphics as well as the "Core Mechanics" of the game are really good! Great Ideas, nice Minigames, good Staging. In contrast to YTL you have drawn here a Map with different Places, which you can visit at any time (E.g. School, ESports Bar, Shopping mall, burger Shop etc.). What, in turn, is pretty reminiscent of YTL is attending school for better Grades as well as helping the Mother with Household Chores. Now to the Points that strike me as more negative: I'm not sure if this is due to translation errors or my Understanding of the Game, but I don't get the Game on the Line. For example, when Training MOBA Games, you have to shoot down red enemies (click). If you run out of Muni, you have to click on "Laden" at the bottom right. I think that would probably mean "NIGCHladen." (In The English version, by the way, it's also called reload and not load;) Likewise, at the Beginning of the Game, you enter a GameZone tournament and say first out of the blue And without any previous conversation or other, suddenly, "Hey Mike, I want to come now ..." Well, such Places point enough Toilets to xD Because of these seemingly existing translation Errors, I also found It easy to explain the explanation of the Matches that you have to play yourself, not easily or rather illogically. That'S why I don't really understand the "Card system" yet, while matches are luck and Random For me rather Than "can." In short: For me personally, the Game feels poorly translated at almost every Turn. Furthermore, the Days feel far too short or very fast and unbalanced. For example, you get up at 9 o 'clock, go to School. After 3 Clicks you do at School, suddenly 10 Hours have passed in the Game and is completely exhausted. So from home and Sleep. Get up at 8 o 'clock in the morning, but can't do Any Housework because it's only available from certain Times. So let's go to the eSports Bar. When we go out, however, our Mother scolds that we haven't helped her with her Laptop Problem again (task available from 5Pm). Arriving at the eSports Bar we play 3 Practice Games to collect exp. All of a Sudden it's 23:30pm and we're stressed and exhausted. So we chat to reduce the Stress again, because you can't do anything else. At The end of the Conversation it is already 3 o 'Clock in The morning. So back home and Sleep. Suddenly Mike calls, we should go to the Burger Shop because everyone wants to meet there. You can't sleep until you were in the Burger Shop. After geblabbere we are finally at home at 4 o 'clock and can sleep. The School Note drops again. So back to School. Mother is chomping again because of her Laptop. Cancel school at 5 P.m. after a click and leave home to help Mother. After 2 clicks on their laptop, we suddenly get out of energy even before we could do anything. So for nothing school canceled and not gone to train in the Bar. And so every single Day runs. I get zero Tasks baked for the Mother, nor do I manage to perform any side tasks as time is just extremely short. As a last Point, I have to say that even with the Minigames, not everything is always going 100% round. So you have to press the Garbage out on the really button in order to carry the Garbage out at the right Moment, but the Display bar as well as the button appears every time as spontaneously after different Messages, which sometimes suddenly plop up in the middle of it, and only so short that I have so far after 4x Garbage Room Days have not once managed to press the Button at the right moment, i.e. carry out the Garbage ... Since I roughly summarize neither the match card system for Tournaments, nor can I manage the Minigames wegem bad timing, nor can I perform Ancillary tasks due to lack of Time And Energy Discharge, I cannot, in principle, do anything in this Game except annoy me ^^ That is why the Game has now come to an End for the time being. Otherwise, the Game is really pretty in terms of idea and graphics, however ^^, but the Obs, which is worth a hefty €20, remains rather questionable ...
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