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EURGAVA - Fight for Haaria

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EURGAVA™ - Fight for Haaria welcomes you to follow Heizi the huntsman back to his country Haaria after finishing his pilgrimage. The letter he received described the currently horrible situation: The country is still in chaos after the previous war with Dokia. The current chieftain of his home village Ouska went missing. No one else was capable to keep all the madness in Haaria from reaching Ouska. Raiders came, ransacked the riches, and enslaved most of Ouska's populace. With only a handful of people ready to fight back and reclaim what has been taken, Heizi has to take the place as a temporary figurehead and lead his people to rebuild Ouska and fight for Haaria.

As common folk of Ouska, weak and untrained, they are about to make countless struggles and face things they never encounter before. They need to REBUILD their village with whatever RESOURCES or ITEMS they have FOUND or DISCOVERED in each DEPARTURE. They are not to punch everything in the face recklessly like warriors in real battle. Outmatched and outnumbered at least FOUR TO ONE most of the time, they will need to know how to DEFEND with unwavering toughness and sharpened reflex, and only ATTACK when an opening or two presents themselves. With this big picture in mind, this game mechanism is designed into a REACTION-BASED, resource management playstyle complete with usable BATTLE AIDS, 6-slot INVENTORY system accessible through your keyboard, and lots of UNLOCKABLES.

  • Manage 3 kinds of resources, discovered items, and revealed plots to rebuild your village.
  • Ask Heizi to train your villagers after reaching the necessary kill count.
  • Tend the wounded, cure the poisoned, and prepare for another departure.
  • Learn the lore of Haaria from what your villagers have to say in lots of village discussions.

  • Look around when you start. Be familiar with the interface. For you can't split focus mid-combat.
  • DEFEND and ATTACK by pointing AT THE RIGHT ENEMY and clicking your mouse AT THE RIGHT TIME.
  • Waves of enemies in multiple areas trying to kill you. Raiders. Dervishes. Nemurbaras. Nagas.
  • Battle aids. People ready to help you directly in combat. Heizi will never send you off on your own.
  • Items and trinkets found every once in a while, and also rescued survivors willing to share their hidden stash.
  • Survive long enough, and maybe some of the infamous names in Haaria will show themselves. Either to join, or kill you.
Release date
Ibrahim Indra Baskara
Ibrahim Indra Baskara
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 2.00 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Storage: 200 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: 16:9 resolution recommended
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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EURGAVA - Fight for Haaria reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Little game, little comeback. Eurgava is an interesting indie game: the return to the village of a guy who will become the default leader to save his tribe by playing via... QTE? Yes, it sounds fishy but it's more stupid than QTE actually: this is a clicker game that has a gaming pretense. The goal of the game is to collect resources to build/repair the village. To do this, you have to go and fight the waves of enemies. The fighting happens in the following way:-4 enemies at the same time-you have to click left on the enemies at the right time (a big round appears) to prevent them from typing the protagonist-you have to right click on an indicator next to the enemies to TRY to type them on simple as that, it's a clicker game. The subtlety that wants to be gaming: sometimes you have to make a left click (a round with an arrow), sometimes you have to do a double click left (a round with two arrows). The hardcore gaming in all its power... Once the enemies of the wave are dead, one can choose to return to the village to bring back the resources raised or to enchainer with another wave. All three waves there is a boss, all six waves the scenery changes. There are three basic resources, which are used to build the village but also to heal the protagonists. They fall easily and by kilos. There are also objects, necessary to build/repair the village buildings, and weapons/armor/other that give bonuses during the fights (more armor/attack power/renewed life...). And it only falls after a boss fight, and it's random. There are three characters to embody, three peasants who know nothing about war. It will be possible to train them with a certain number of casualties (first 80, then all 60) when returning to the village. Every return to the village there is a small story narrated by the fire. Here it is... Now let's look at what Craps in the glue. It's a clicker game. Why piss off the world with a double click to keep the enemies from hitting us? Knowing that there is no Malus if you do a double click instead of a single, the game boils down to always double click left on the enemies... extremely tense in the long run. But like that, this idea of game design to make believe that this is a game deeper than a clicker game does not reveal its profound absurdity: the double click is taken into account only if you do not move the cursor. And I'll say one thing: when you're facing three bosses who can kill you in one shot who need to be pushed back quickly at the same time with a double click... Yes, you are very happy that the game is as poorly thought around an idea so simplistic as a mouse click. And now the other problem: you try to type the enemies. Yes, you play peasants, you know nothing about war, so it's normal that you don't touch every shot you give. I do not invent anything, it is the subject of the dev (it is all alone on the game). Only this is a camouflage: when you have killed more than 500 people, the excuse "you are not a warrior" stinks squarely from the mouth. Because if you can increase the capabilities of the Persos, there is a course for everyone (not too much damage, not too precise, not too many armor...) that makes the attack simply random. Yes, an avalanche of ideas simply Connes to make it seem like a real game and not a simple clicker game. So in summary this game boils down to click at the right time by praying that the clicks are taken into account to collect randomly donated items to build your village... Yes, it's not exciting and it runs out very quickly. And this is the concern: the atmosphere is really friendly. Very cartoon graphics Franco Belgian, animations lated (it looks like the rotoscopy used in Tahira, I find it really beautiful and very European animation of the years 80), an interesting story (it is only to save his village), very Middle Eastern decorations, several purposes to unlock... mewde, I do not want to hate this game, it is like everything. :( If only the dev had assumed his game for what he is, without rotting it with two-three ideas that make the whole soporifico-boring, it would have made a mini game to kill the time of first order...
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