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In an ancient village, a sealed dungeon suddenly opened. The dungeon was filled with monsters that could escape and destroy the village at any time. One man, Dem, was elected to save his village. Being a feeble man, he found and drank the legendary Elixir of Glass Cannonry. This mystical elixir bestowed him with the gift of being able to defeat any enemy as long as he faced them when fighting - whether he attacks or even if he is defending. However, if an enemy hits him from the side, he will certainly die. To make sure no enemies escape, to make sure his village is safe - indeed, to make sure life as we know it will go on, he must Face-Off against every foe.

Face-Off is what you get when you distill the movement mechanics of a roguelike into a puzzle game. Think ahead and make sure you are able to get to the enemies before they get to you!


Movement: WASD or arrow keys

  • Directions are in world-space, like the compass rose. You can only walk a tile in the direction you are facing. If you press a different direction, you will use that turn to rotate and face that new direction. Moving or Turning each take up a single round of gameplay.

Dash: J & K

  • Press J to dash-strafe two tiles to Dem's left and K to dash-strafe to the player's right. These are context-sensitive, so if Dem is facing South, J will dash to your right. Be careful!
Menu: ESC key
  • Press ESC on the player's turn to bring up a menu that will allow you to do the following:
    • Quit to title
    • Restart the level (use this if you made a mistake!)
    • Skip to the prior level (if you want to try a different strategy or re-read the intro slide)
    • Skip ahead a level (if you're stuck!)
    • Back out of the ESC menu and resume playing


Code & Design: Ben Gemmel | @paracatgames

Art & Music: John Benman | @johntheperson

Fonts were partially hand-pixeled by us and some open license fonts:

Larger font: PC Paint Normal Small from http://www.zone38.net/font/#pcpaint

Smaller font: Pixelated font by "Greenma201" at http://fontstruct.com/fontstructions/show/426637 (This one was chosen for how well it matched the font I hand-pixeled)

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Not rated
Face-Off screenshot, image №1186660 - RAWG
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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