Facility Alpha - 7

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Facility Alpha - 7 is a 3rd person puzzle and exploration game, uncover the secrets and story of Facility Alpha - 7. Working with your partner to solve and progress through each level, trying to find your way out and back to freedom.

Developed by Drop Off

Nikita Kotter

Team Lead, Original Concept, Programming, World Building, Level Design, UX & UI Design, Architecture models, Animations, Sound implementation, Testing

Christopher Mark Fotheringham

Producer, Level & Mechanics Design, Testing & Balance, Voice acting

Ross Alexander McRitchie

Design advising, Set Dressing, Decor Models, Testing

Miles Philip Handford

Lead Concept artist, 3D Decor Models, Design advising, Composer, Musician, Logo Design, Illustrations, Testing

Rory Thomas Clarke

Narrative, Assistant set dressing, 3D Decor Models, Testing

John Argyll Greer

Character Artist, Character Modeler

Kerrie Louise Graham

Concept art, Nature Models

Steven Thomas Crighton

Sound Research and Design

Special Thanks to

mazk1985, jaide714, morgantj, Hitrison, LanDub, ScottFerguson1, CkSned, reinsamba, rnl, brnck, annabloom, luminadii, ddunkley, MrAuralization, unfa, FreqMan, FractalStudios, nooly, mickfire, solowiej, tbhicba, Jonathan Chapman, Erik Benedict


Move Forwards - W | Arrow key up

Move Backwards - S | Arrow key Down

Move Left - A | Arrow key Left

Move Right - D | Arrow key Right

Interact - Left Shift | Right Shift | Space

Swap Characters - Left Ctrl | Right Ctrl

Use "Move" keys to navigate your way through the level. Also, Facility Alpha - 7 has an 8-Directional movement system. Use "Interact" key to interact with objects and to open doors at the consoles, some doors may require a power cell to open. power cells can be collected by pressing "Interact" key next to the power cell.

Swapping between characters will result in the primary character becoming static and the camera navigating to the second character that can be controlled using the same keys as the first character. Additionally, this function is locked until the two characters see each other in the game.

Release date
Nikita Kotter
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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