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The Jerk Force has taken over the Funky Factory! Whatta meanie! It's up to Squidbot to save the day! Dodge the bullets, zap the baddies and get the gears!

Factory Freak-Out is a cutesy action-puzzle/shmup. Much like a shmup you have a ship and enemies, shoot them down and don't get hit. What makes FF different from most shmups, is that it's a puzzle game in disguise. Movement is a resource; you have a stock of 6 moves that replenish with time. Plan your movement carefully, or you'll run out of moves and won't be able to dodge! Pacing, timing and planning your path is important.

UPDATE: v.0.46:

Oh dear, what an update! Tons of graphical updates, and most importantly, a whole new stage!  Sorry it took so long, but I'll get there eventually!

- Added stage 4 & major reworkings done in previous stages!

-Added a Rank system, which affects enemy counts, positions, suicide bullets and a few other small things.

-2 secret encounters...

- A stage select option that lets you play individual stages!

- Bunch of graphical updates and new sprites

All the art, code and sound effects are done by me, and the music is by Haunted Egypt, with the exception of the current menu music which I made and stage 4 theme which is by Tobi / Trashmaker at Bandcamp. Current version is v.046, containing stages 1, 2,3 and 4.

Since it is my first project, I would really appreciate feedback and tips on how to improve the game! I love shmups and puzzle games, and I would love to make more, and better games of both genres in the future.

Currently working on:

- quality-of-life improvements/player feedback

- stage 5

- artwork & art assets

- secrets

I hope you enjoy the game! Thanks for checking it out! Have a wonderful day!

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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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