Fade to Silence reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review I discovered the Game by chance rather And found it really good from the Idea. Finally a Survival game for Soloists. So bought. The Game flats a very blunt and without any Explanations into rough and snowy no man's Land, free According to the Motto "Friss or die." Hardly awakened you hardly want to do anything to your Leather and you have no Idea what to do and what better not to do. Tutorial? Missing Ad! If you finally got what you should do, if things are going stupid, you have already bitten once or twice into the virtual Grass or rather the Snow. And there's the first Catch to the Matter, you only have 6 Lives and then it's all called at the Beginning. In FtS, you don't get anything gifted. Sign up and exercise Caution then you have a Chance to survive. This merciless world punishes every Mistake. If you Attack without Meaning and Mind, you are dead. Use the Sneak to bypass Enemies. It can save your Life. OPTIK: Thanks to Unreal 4 Engine, FtS is already looking very good. The Weather Effects allow you to freeze in part and the Landscape seems organic, gloomy but realistic. Visually, the Game changes its Appearance when you enter a Danger area, for example, an Area that is to be cleaned. Then the Colors are distorted and a Film grain settles over the Picture. The Animations also fit but there is a lack of some Fine Tuning, especially with the Collision Query. One or the other Animal likes to be stuck in Icebergs or Trees. Unfortunately, the Whole thing pulls in some way very much on the Performance and there is still a lot of Actuator shooting. But we are still a few Months away from the Release. GAMEPLAY: As mentioned before, the Game throws you hard into the Water. Grade as if the Developers want to say, "In real Life, there is no Tutorial either." So you have to familiariously familiarize yourself with Control, combat, Crafting and hunting and always in the Back of Your mind that any Mistake can be the last. Hunting, Fighting and Collecting raw Materials, however, one has quickly internalized but only comes the next Catch. The Game doesn't tell you that you don't just have an Inventory. I don't want to reveal more here just so much: Exploration is the Be-all and End-all. Of course, you don't have to contest everything on your own, but can gradually free Comrades who help with their Special Skills in the Struggle for Survival. So we don't have to manage everything on our own and can gradually rebuild and defend our Base. What is a Pity, however, is that we ourselves only determine where to build what. Even putting your Hand on goes not. So you should quickly free a Companion because only they can build. Which is unfortunately still unclear to me, my only Helper is injured and unfortunately I find no Way to cure him and by himself he does not do so even though there are enough Medicine and Associations. Even with the Wood chop or just if you want to revive a Comrade, the Control fails as it is almost impossible to find the Trigger Point. Taxes can be controlled with the Gamepad or Mouse and Keyboard. I honestly recommend the Gamepad that it makes it easier to control. FAZIT: For an EA Title, the Game already offers a Lot for Money and if you have the hard Trial and Error Phase through then the Game offers a Lot of Fun. On the other Hand, there is still a lot of Work to be done on the Gamememechanics and Performance. For 30 Euros you get a hard Nut here, which in Parts already reminds of Dark Souls but could become a game of your own. There are also Bonds at John Carpenter's "The Thing." All in All, there is a lot of Potential dormant here, which I hope will not be squandered.