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Faerie Solitaire

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Faerie Solitare is a card game-based video game with elements of a role-playing game developed by Subsoap.


The gameplay is mostly a typical solitaire game. Structurally, the game is divided into 40 levels, each based on a fantasy area such as Bright Cave, Mote Grove and so on. Each level consists of nine hands. After completing the level, the player gets some amount of cash based on how well their performance was. The cash can be spent to acquire upgrades such as the ability to see the value of flipped cards or extra undo button.
The player has to clean the board of cards chaining them one number higher or lower than the last one. If there are no cards left to the chain, the player can draw another one from the deck. The game has several features that differentiate it from other solitaire games besides already mentioned power-ups system. Chaining several cards without drawing additional from the deck makes a combo that increases the amount of cash that player gets after the level. Each the player progresses, several special types of cards appear, like frozen cards, which can be played only after activating a special fireball card. During the game, the player can obtain recourses that are used to grow different mystical pets.
Besides the default Adventure mode, there are also challenge mode, that lets you play levels with harder objectives, and quickplay, that lets you play any hand you’ve already beaten.

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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor: 800 Mhz (minimum)
  • Memory: 256MB (minimum)
  • Hard Disk Space: 100MB
  • DirectX®: 7 (minimum)

System requirements for macOS

  • OS: OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.8
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz
  • Memory: 1 GB
  • Hard Drive: 100 MB
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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All Grown Up
Collect each pet's adult form.
Hatch 'em All
Collect the baby form of each pet.
Elite Skills
Complete all challenges.
Earn $1,000,000.
Super Powers
Buy all of the Faerie Land powerups.
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Faerie Solitaire FORMER WR 0:36
Highlight: Faerie Solitaire - Achievements: Getting All the Pets
so i shoot stuff?? #linux
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Faerie Solitaire reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Solitaire in the Realm of Fairies. As the Name of the Game suggests, it's a classic solitaire game with a fairy story as an "appendix/Addition." So What makes this Game worth playing? Der/The Developers hat/did not overestimate themselves. 14 Hours you invest loosely in the Game if you want to play it through. (Whoever watches every Video sequence has an even higher Playing Time.) Achievements are quite easy to get, so optimal for achievement hunters. (For the Achievements that you have to collect each Pet and then bring into the "Adult" form, you need a longer Time. In other Words, you get over 20h+ Game time with this Game.) It has Collectible cards and as I find beautiful Backgrounds, hence also something for Collectible Cards fans. In the Sale for just well-invested 0.49ct. Challenge Models, which are quite easy to master, but still available. Play for in between. Perfect for bridging Waiting Times such as Updates. For Solitaire fans it can be a nice Change in between to get a Story offered. Disadvantages to Faerie Solitaire For People who can't speak English or just a little, but have no Desire to translate the Story part, the Story part falls away from this point of view, because unfortunately there is neither Sound nor Subtitles for German-speaking players. If you are through with the Story and want to continue with Challenges, you have it through quite quickly, as there are only 5 Levels. The above 2 Achievements may well be Prolonged. So If you really want to have all The Achievements but don't like playing Solitaire that much, you might have one or the other Problem with it. Full Screen mode is somewhat distorted with Resolutions like 1920x1080. (You Shouldn't expect HD graphics from Faerie Solitaire.;)) This was, by and large, already by Faerie Solitaire. For 18 Hours it tied me up, more or less. Did the Story actually just skip because I wasn't so interested in it now. Nevertheless, I think I have invested my 0.49ct well in this Game and therefore recommend it to everyone!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I came across this Game where I was looking for cheap Games with Collectible cards. This Game was in Sale (95%-> £0.49). So The Game just wanted To play briefly to get the Cards and then get on with something else. But since I made the Bill without Faerie Solitaire. If, like myself, you have read through the other Reviews and wonder if this is really worth it, here is the clear Answer: Absolutely, yes! If you look at the Game for what it is, which is a nice Pastime for in between, you get your Money's worth. For 49 Cents (!!) in the Sale, this is a crystal clear and unconditional Purchase recommendation. But what is the Game actually about? Well, I'm not going to explain now how to play Solitaire, because that should be clear to everyone. But at Faerie S., there are plenty Of extra Bonuses and Gimmicks. On the one hand, there are the Power-Ups, which can be purchased in the Shop for Play money. These make the "solitaire" Life much easier. On the other hand, There are Pets (Pets), which can be found in eggs on the Uncovered playing field and can grow into adult Animals through resources, which can also be found on the Uncovered playing field. If you Do this, you reveal the respective Mystery of the mysterious Pets. Unfortunately, this is all that the Pets have about, so that they remain just a nice Gimmick. You might have been able to press a special Ability on each Pet's Eye, which will have an impact on the Playing field. I concede, however, that the Game would then perhaps become too easy, as you already have enough Advantages through the Powerups. The Story is no more than nice Accessory and looks drawn on the Hair, even if it is sometimes told quite neatly. But in a Moment of a moment like this you don't want to pull in endless Cutscenes with bomastic Graphics, because then you don't necessarily have the Time for it. À propos Time, I should warn anyone who wants to do the same to me and wants to look in "just a short time." This Game is a total Time-eater as it stands in the Book, and I had to force myself unlied to finish the Game. Conclusion: It's actually more Value, but in the Sale for 49 Cents (I hope I've stressed it often enough) you can't go wrong!
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