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Faerie Solitaire Remastered

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Faerie Solitaire Remastered is an indie card game developed by Subsoap. The game mixes solitaire with fantasy and role-playing game elements. Plot The magic land of Avalon seems empty. You have to find a Faerie, raise it and repopulate the once prosperous land. Gameplay The game features eight different worlds with five levels in each of them. The players have 400 hands to look through. It is possible to purchase upgrades which unlock such abilities as Undo or Clue. A combo system is present in the game. Build up your combo meter by quickly going through your hand and earn much more gold for buying unique powerups and upgrades. The use of powerups requires energy which is generated while playing the game. The players have to be careful with the amount of energy they have at their disposal as it may be impossible to use any powerups at all until the level ends. The game features a pet mechanic. The players have to find, hatch, and evolve every creature they find after passing a level. 32 pets are featured in the game and appear after the levels randomly. The gold the player earns can also be used to buy items for their pets. Remastered edition features In the remastered version of Faerie Solitaire, all of 40 unique and hand drawn locations got reworked from the ground up. New Steam achievements were also added.
Release date
Dec 22, 2017
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Any
  • Memory: 4000 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Any
  • Storage: 200 MB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Faerie Solitaire Remastered reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Product received for free the Office of the M.d. R (the Department of development of the RAB) was finally able to provide an improved version of its previous grind: http://steamcommunity.com/id/fredsh/recommended/38600 following a massive petition for coordination Union of senior officials (the delegate, the accountant and the press officer), an appeal file could be filed these days on the Office of the Minister of the Interior and an action with the developer could thus be carried out which concludes to "an update the 21st century "says the Minister himself. On the program, a modern screen resolution, some special effects "last cries", increased successes and free for the owners of the previous grind. The whole should be completed before the next budget estimates 2019. Business to follow.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Well something like that, too, the Developers have those who already had the Original Version of the Game-the Remastered Ed. Just gifted:) Now you have to acknowledge some things who know the Original:-The Challanges are slightly better balanced-graphics have been improved-round gelatter just seem more modern-The farm of the Eggs now goes much faster-New Pets Shortcoming To the new Version-(at least at the time of Me) the Story telling Voice has completely disappeared-Sometimes gratuitous and really crass Laggs that make gaming impossible-German Translation is Greyful-preferring to play plus point-> in The Discussion area via Steam, the Developer promises New Content, Events, etc.-also very good in my Opinion that the Developers react to Feedback. If you need a Game to switch off and Relax after a Hard gamble day to get down-you won't regret the €9.99per purchase price in the Shop either.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Muddy map layout is completely in English-the best sleeping pills and complete brain degradation Is unfortunately not all favorite solitaire Klondike. There is only one type of layout-one value above or below the card from the deck. There are no Other solitaire games and it becomes boring to play. Diversify The muddy passage trying pets, but it is sluggish. There are purchases in the meadow of miracles, but this is also not enough. A Lot of offers free Microsoft Solitaire collection. And here even paid to it does not hold... In addition, there is no Russian language and much of the description is not understood. Everything has to be done by intuition, but the game is not intricate. Quickly annoying to lay out the same thing. In addition, it becomes more difficult to decompose cards. Whether they fly, but the feeling that the deck is smaller. At the first stage without problems lay out, not following already some gemor... In General, if you like, a monotonous muddy, then take. Otherwise it is not necessary. Melodies here too are sluggish and drive into a dream. This Price is too big for the same type of solitaire.
Better play a normal solitaire. I spent in this game more than 15 hours and appreciated the fresh mechanics at first. But I don’t like it anymore. Any way, if you’re a fan of puzzle and card games, it’ll be OK.
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