Failticity Odyssey

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The 3rd Game in the Failticity Game Series! Fail in a Whole new way with the new hub and level progression system!

Update Log :

ED1 - First Demo.

ED2 - Worked on Hub Town and Landmarks around it. Worked on polishing day/night cycle.

ED3 - Almost completed Hub, Last Exploration Build until A Demo with Functionality!

Demo 1 - First Functional Demo with A Simple first level to show off level mechanics of the basic level. Hub Completed.

Demo 2 - Added Directions to where to go, Added 1 New Level plus Post-Game Demo Screen.

Demo 3 - Added 3rd Level, Confirmation of Multiple Worlds in Failticity Odyssey. Also added a Little Note of Updates at the end on the post-game screen.

Demo 4 - New "1.5 World" and Level. That's it.

Demo 4.1 - Fix to Demo 4 - Added Support through Itchworks, and Changed Company name from RainbowKappa789 Games to KimbroZack Games.

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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