Fairyland: Incursion (itch)

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Hi there, players! I'd like to tell you one story. Many, many years ago, when the grass was greener, my beard was shorter and my waist was slimmer, I put my hands on one board game. After a couple of sets, I thought: "I want something like this on PC!" So I went looking… And I actually found nothing. So several years later, with my beard and belly, I also increased some knowledge and skills… Enough of those to create my adaptation of that game with "dices and fairies".

I proudly present Fairyland: Incursion.

King Frederick III and his army invade the Sacred Realm to gain control of the Fairy Spring, which, as legend has it, grants the eternal life. So inhabitants of the Sacred Realm summon three Keepers to protect their homeland.

I expect some stones to be thrown at me with the words: "Another game made with RPG MAKER! There is enough of this garbage! Get outta here!"

In my defense, I'd like to say that I really am into the RPG Maker MV's graphic design. This is the reason why I chose this platform for the game development. But I was by no means satisfied with the basic functionality. Therefore, the project RPG Maker has been almost completely rewritten in JavaScript using Intel XDK. This helped to keep the graphics in RPG Maker under license and to introduce new functionality in the project. Missing graphics was drawn and added.

I hope you enjoy this game.

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Naarassusi Game
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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