Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout reviews

this game is fun for sometime then it becomes boring so i would recommend this as a "time pass" game
«Better with friends»
I’m not very good. But the concept is excellent. I do kind of wish it controlled a bit tighter. Maybe I’ll get more use to it.

Got a solo W then two duo Ws with Hayden where he carried. Fall guys is occasionally frustrating but weirdly addicting.

I’m really impressed with the number of games. There’s more than I would have expected. Its been pretty fun. 

I like this game but I think it should be a lot better than it is. I just wish the controls were a bit tighter. 

I think I just don’t really like this game that much because I’m not that good. 

Final Score: B
The best battle royale game.  Takeshi's castle is overrun with beans
«Just one more turn»
For some reason, all of my Steam games were wiped, which is very sad because I really enjoyed playing video games on Steam, and I'm going to have to re-buy the games I really cared about, this may not be one of these games, but I did spend many hours messing around and enjoying the fun mechanics of this hilarious, wacky multiplayer game and it would be on that list if they lowered its price.
«Better with friends»
Imagine a Battle Royale, but fun. "Fall Guys" leans into the whimsy, luck, and fun of gaming to create a truly unique experience. I just don't think the game has enough legs to keep me engaged for the long-haul, but so much fun while it lasted.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
Really fun game. Feel like the infrastructure around the game holds it back as a whole. The menu feels incomplete, and playing with friends can be difficult. Once you get past these simple things though, it can be a really fun time. Team games suck.
Fun, High Potential, but way overrated. 
There first few hours are fun solo, and maybe can extend your playtime with a group of friends if they all have the game, but there isn't much to this right now. Longevity of this game is questionable until we see Season 2 or longer. 
Only ~10 game modes, of which you will see a handful of them repeat themselves more than others depending on you skill level. 

Hold forward, jump, and dodge. That's all there is to it. Colors, character design, music is fantastic. I'm just hoping we see a more polished experience down the road. This company needs to act quickly and keep the momentum going so they don't end up like Tetris 99. I want a game to supersede Fortnite, and this could have the potential for that. 

Aside from getting hurt and falling occasionally, and of course getting the crown, there are not many moments of suspense, because its such a game of chance to get to the final round where the real competition is. 
«Reviewers bribed»