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Fantasyland, from one of the four ancient China masterpiece "Dream of the Red Chamber".
Where are you coming from, where are you going to go?
Dreams and realities, reality and dreams. This is an eternal topic. We are in the dream, or in reality.
Death in a dream and awakening in reality. On the contrary, you will enter dreamland with layers of layers, and eventually will not be able to tell you where you are.
The scene in dreams is getting worse and worse. Everything is so familiar but different.
You are the enemy or the enemy is you, you fight with yourself.
In this game, there are six stories of dreams, and each dream has a new hero. You need to take the target first to get into the next dream and get the hero in the next dream. Each hero has different attacking and moving speed. You can get a more powerful hero through battle, and of course you can buy it directly through DLC. The enemy in the dream uses the most advanced AI system, and you can engage in intense and exciting battles with them. We have the world's leading UI design to make you enjoy the pleasure. We also created realistic scenes to give people a sense of darkness and depression. There are also realistic smoke, blood and explosion effects in the game. Deja vu, but different music, makes your heart speed up and feel very nervous. These cool particle effects, the shock of the background music, let you in.
This is a world view that has never been seen before, which triggering your thinking about life.
Welcome to fantasyland, you do not seem to find that in fact you have fallen asleep.
Good luck to you.
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i3
  • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4400
  • Storage: 2048 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Initial Dream
Roger's counterattack has been completed.
Middle Dream
Dickens' design has been completed.
Little Dream
Ampney's angery has been completed.
Later Dream
Copperfield's sculpture has been completed.
Dream Dickens
Dickens is obtained.
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Fantasyland reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Product received for free Good time of day, Dear reader! If you consider the review worthy, then even more reviews of this level or better you can find Subscribing to the Group and Curator. Have a Nice acquaintance! > > P. S: Don't forget to put the likes! Thanks to them, the Curator, like the Cheshire cat from Lewis Carroll's book, is crucified in a kind and grateful smile. < < A Short Essay on the game Fantasyland. At this stage, the game is NOT RECOMMENDED for purchase for a number of reasons. The review will indicate what the reasons are, but "thumbs up" I put out of respect to the developer, because this game is clearly better and more quality than The first thrust of God, but still not the limit of dreams. General:-The Genre of this game is a shooter with elements of RPG, and sometimes even arcade. -In General, this kind of games attract people because of a certain element of "hardcore", when it is very difficult to pass the level and you put just TITANIC efforts, and overcoming-feel like a Hero. This game is just like that. Plot component and Gameplay:-The Game is built on the principle of capturing/retaining the base and collecting points. You are given the opportunity to capture the enemy base and thus pass the level. -You can play for both the person and the alien. In the future you will have a chance To play for the third character. -The MAP on which you start is small, around the mountain of junk and, barking between them you have to shoot the enemy, while capturing the central base. After reaching 50% of the wild hell begins, when you, as a horn of plenty, the enemy and your clone, able to shoot as good as you, if not better.... further feil)-In the game in addition to the heroes, there are still different types of weapons, but they are not many. Fullness of the game Space (graphics, sound, music): Everything in the game has a unique component. Graphics quality and specific, hit in the target is not just animated, and evokes a pleasant delight from what you saw. As Such there is no sound accompaniment, melody in the lobby? No big deal. Sounds on this background look better. There are many of Them, in fact each of your actions has its own sound response. Cumulative, if combined, the graphics, sound, music have a satisfactory rating. What is indignant in the game? Why not recommend to buy? First, there is no plot component. You have a map, there are heroes, there are enemies, but the motive is not clear! I'll even say more that capturing the base as a game concept comes to your head not immediately. I shot the enemies for about 10 minutes and thought, "What's next? The Glasses do not drip, the process is not moving. What to do then? "Secondly, as pointed out above, after the capture by 50% you will be attacked by an armada of the enemy, which does not dry up, and stays and stays (if up to 50% of them on one stay, then there are dozens). Also appears an additional enemy with weapons, your clone. It starts systematically in you shoot. It is Necessary to understand that your resources on shooting are very limited. Weapons are simply discharged. To charge, you have to stand up and wait, But how to do it, if the Armada is chasing you, and the enemy shoots? The clone does not end With a stockpile of warheads. They Are endless. As a result, you die or lose. The end. This practice is in the game either because there is nothing to add (no ideas) and need to complicate to the maximum or because the game is not finished. Which is generally not in favor of the recommendation. What does The game require? -Plot to draw in the game of the people to whom it is important. -Modified weapon Reload system, possibly the loss of ammunition and weapons from the slain enemy. -Different system of the rep, namely quantity and quality. -Advanced system of achievements, possibly pumping additional character qualities during the battle. Well, etc. At this stage-is a crude game in which to play no desire, because 2 hours sit on the same level and not be able to move to another-it's nonsense! Originally posted by YroMIR ReviewS: Plot-2 of 10 Gameplay-2 out of 10 Graphics-5 out of 10 Sound and music-3 out of 10 Total score-3 points out of 10!!! Thanks for reading!
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