Far Cry 6 reviews

Great game on all levels. Story is fantastic...the characters are all great, lots of humor. The map is enormous, easy to get lost just doing your own thing. Despite the repetition (free FND base, takeover checkpoint, etc.), it never gets dull in my opinion.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
Inferior to Far Cry 5 in every way except for the graphics. 
It's no secret that the Far Cry games have an amazing ability to keep gamers interested. In Yara's huge open world, there's a lot to discover and explore.
I wouldn't recommend this as it does get boring after the first 5 hours and pales in comparison to the joy you get out of playing Far Cry 3 and 4. It is so stripped down but imo is much better than Far Cry 5. So if you loved the series like me, then I would get it on offer and not £55. I won't be finishing this game.
For those of us with videojuego ADHD, here's another giant map with lots of the fun toys from previous Far Cries and a great villain played by a great actor. You already know the positives and have a sneaking suspicion about the negatives, don't you? Yeah, believe your instincts and get this when it's $27.50, which should happen in a month or two from now. Things to know, however: co-op is broken, some achievements are missible, driving is terrible and the writing hasn't gotten that much better despite our tucked-in corpo friends over at Ubisoft's cultural affairs offices telling us that this would be a more thoughtful and impactful narrative about oppression and fascism told with respect because you're still running around firing RPGs at sharks and flying over things in a wingsuit.

Characters like the Máximas Matanzas show off just how limited their scope is when it comes to writing humans in a real world setting. Everyone you meet during their story branch is the worst of the worst - from a lunatic without direction who sends you on fetch quests (redundant, I know) to a drama queen weirdo who cries and flirts and whines 95% of the time to the guy who doesn't even want to be there and then has a very woke hissy fit before disappearing for a few missions. Literally, he says "I'm trans in Yara!" and then you don't see him for a while. Like, ok, uh, bye then? The fun is in skipping their cutscenes - trust me - and just running around with a grenade launcher unless it's yet. another. find the billboards and graffiti them mission. The other branches are a little bit better but you're still going to be hit over the head with vegan complaining, anti-subtle "we have slaves/the poor don't matter" rambling, "speak your truth" mantras, etc. and this is supposed to be what we're concerned about during the overthrowing of a malevolent dictatorship? Atrocity and inhumanity is regarded as being just as important to the central plot as how bad your friends are feeling. There's even that hackneyed "unskippable drug sequence part" where you're supposed to "question everything about yourself" and they've been doing that "feel bad for playing the game" thing since before AC: Black Flag when even that one got out of control with the whole "being a pirate is bad, saving different people is the only thing that matters and other characters are now mean to you" mood swing 2/3 into it. I wish I had a job where I could get away with saying I'm getting better at writing and directing when I'm clearly not. At least you can sic a psycho rooster onto people in this one, though.

When you do find people to root for and you see what happens to them, minor spoilers I guess, that's the true reality of guerilla war. Do what you can for who you can any way you can while you can. The characters and missions that exemplify this are doing a bang up job on doing justice to the revolution theme but that's not the meat of the game at all. What the game mostly is is an excuse to play Mercenaries again. Remember Mercenaries? That was amazing. Even the second one wasn't horrible despite the amount of hate and this game shares the same kind of palm trees and flamethrowers in an open world free roam type of fun which is why I recommend playing it. Not if you have anything pertinent in your backlog or if you're busy with work, by no means should you drop everything to play a game that has a Pitbull song on the radio in some cars, but a great way to kill time since it doesn't seem to really end.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»