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Far Cry 6 review
by Rishav Chhabra

This game is very very good
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Beaten more than once»

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Not as good as the previous games, but still enjoyable.
There is a lot to love about the game but there's not enough new to make it memorable. The game looks great, it plays good for the most part but I had some hitching here and there. I'm not sure at what point they decided they didn't want these games to be fun. I felt like when using the wingsuit or parachute I was hitting some tiny bush and dying or getting randomly killed by an AA gun. When compared to something like Just Cause 3, you can see the clear focus on enjoyment and fun that is present in Just Cause and not Far Cry. On top of that, some of the enemies are bullet sponges. This is most likely due to the different ammo types present in the game. There's nothing I love more than raiding a camp and having to switch to armor rounds for the one heavy enemy. It's also difficult to destroy almost any vehicle in the game. Even with the highest damage rocket launcher it was taking 3 for helicopters and 4 or 5 for tanks. Meanwhile, if a player is flying around it just takes some small arms fire. Most of the weapons are recycled from Far Cry 5. There are also unique weapons you can find on treasure hunts. Almost all of these are trash, save a few. Most are just utility weapons like flame or poison rounds. That might sound great but they do very little damage comparatively. The best use I found was using the poison weapons to stagger enemies so it easier for your animal companions to get kills for their upgrades. The animal companions are great and remains one of my favorite aspects of the series. The biggest addition is the supremo, basically your ultimate ability. I feel like most people just use the missile barrage because it's one of the most useful. I messed around with most but the one I ended up using was the mystic one that allows you to see enemies through walls. Paired with the rifle you get along with it you can shoot through walls for one shot kills which was extremely useful. The outfit for it is pretty cool as well. I think the story is pretty basic and fairly boring, it also wraps up pretty poorly in my opinion. Some of the side characters are really good and some suck. The voice actor for female Dani does a really good job playing her role, as does Giancarlo Esposito in the role of the villain, though I think he could be much more menacing in a better role.

 At the end of the day it is an enjoyable game but I think Ubisoft really needs to sit down and think about what makes Far Cry great. I think this formula is getting stale again, even after taking out the radio towers. When I look back on the earlier games I think of how much fun it was playing Instincts Predator on custom maps over Xbox Live. It's also playing Far Cry 2 and how different and immersive it was. I would like to see the mapmaker come back in the future because some players can really make some crazy levels with those tools.
After a break from Far Cry games decided to try this one and must say it was a decent experience. The world is big a lot of stuff to find and explore, weapons to find and your usual outposts to reclaim.
The story is mid tier but bearable to go trough unlike the ending which lets you feel disappointed after seeing it. The game suffers from the open world formula syndrome (markers everywhere) and after you finish with the game you have a weekly system in which you have to reclaim territories back from the enemy similar to the GTA San Andreas where you fight gang wars but more boring.
Go for it if you're a FC fan. I play it for the explosions and I wasn't disappointed. Don't care if it's they release the same game every time. Having said that, the guns were below par this time. The choices were too many but you only end up using a few.

It's not the game of the year but a great one if you want something escapist.
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
very bad
«Game over at last!»
Totally fucked up. Ubisoft should stop hiring feminist lesbian transvestite as writers.
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Character models and graphics don’t really look improved upon. Definitely not next gen. The environment looks pretty good to start but when comparing this to RE Village it isn’t in the same league. I only played for maybe an hour to start but it was pretty meh. I’m not too concerned yet as the game gets better when you have more gear and are rolling through the map. I’m not there yet.

I don’t think the main guys voice sounds very good. I don’t like the voice actor and his delivery.

The first thing I’ve noticed as a highlight is there seems to be a great amount of guns and attachments on guns. The open world sandbox far cry style is still fun, even if it’s completely unoriginal by this point. First impressions of the story are very underwhelming. I excepted more with Esposito in the game.

I’ve started skipping some cutscenes because they just aren’t very good. I’ll watch the main cutscenes Esposito but that like it.

Had a frustrating mission where an NPC needed to follow me and it took forever. He kept getting stuck and not moving. Also, the game once lost the sound and I had to reboot. Update, has happened three times now.

This one is way too easy. I don’t really need to plan or be creative or even try. It’s making the game feel repetitive and boring on occasion.

I’m very underwhelmed overall. The far cry shtick has pretty much fully worn off and the basic nature of this game is pretty disappointing. I still plan to finish it, it has the benefit of being easy to pick up and play for 15 mins or a couple hours, but I’m disappointed in this FC6. Currently it’s a low B+. 

The more I play the more I think it’s sucks. The story sucks, the gameplay is too easy, boring and repetitive, it doesn’t look nice, the only fun parts are experimenting with different guns and equipment and it doesn’t take long to realize that mode guns just play the same.

Beat it. Happy to be done. It was just barley fun enough to keep me playing till the end but I powered through skipping cutscene, and only doing main missions. 

Final Score: B
Great game on all levels. Story is fantastic...the characters are all great, lots of humor. The map is enormous, easy to get lost just doing your own thing. Despite the repetition (free FND base, takeover checkpoint, etc.), it never gets dull in my opinion.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»