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The invasion is happening. Your loves are away. Find them.

This game is a strategic polyamorous love quest. You play an engineer on a quest to find your two loves during a time of war. You cannot fight, so it may be wise to avoid any armed forces.

This is my #LOWREZJAM 2016 entry. Unfortunately, I had a rough couple of weeks during the jam (I developed kidney stones) so this game is nowhere near where I want it to be. I will continue working on it outside of the jam time, though so keep an eye out for future updates.

I'm sorry to say that there's no in-game help at the moment, so here are some tips:

  • control using the arrow keys and Z, X, C, V and F or just your mouse.
  • initially, you can Move (arrow keys or click a square next to your current location), Rest (Z or click the Rest button) and Engineer (X or click the Engineer button, then choose your target square and use Engineer again).
  • Later, you may be able to Hide or Fight (these actions do work, but don't have a lot of use in the game as it is). Hiding means that the invaders won't chase you, but moving is more tiring - it can be toggled on or off. Fighting means that invaders can be defeated, but at a risk to your health.
  • Energy is consumed whilst performing most actions. You Vitals decrease during dangerous actions, such as trying to act with no remaining Energy, swimming and moving through burning areas.
  • Rest anywhere to restore some Energy. Build a camp (Engineer on an empty plains square) and Rest there to restore more Energy and some Vitals. Rest in a village to restore the most Energy and more Vitals.
  • At the beginning of the game, you know the last locations of your loves (check your map with F or by clicking the Map button) but they will move around and try to find you. Visit intact villages to learn more recent information on your loves' locations (if the village has any more recent information, your screen will be updated automatically). Bear in mind that they will be doing the same thing. If a village is ruined, you will learn nothing by visiting until it is repaired (Engineer a ruined village to repair it).
  • Invaders and militia will roam the land fighting each other and maybe destroying terrain and ruining villages in the process. Villages can be fortified to make them more resistant against becoming ruined (Engineer an intact village).
  • Invaders and militia won't attack you directly as you are a non-combatant but they will capture you if you get in their way. You will be able to escape after a few turns, but the strain of a forced march may hurt you.
  • Invaders will chase you to attempt to capture you if they can see you and there are no more immediate threats nearby. Move through sheltering terrain (forests, camps and villages) to lose them.
  • A lot of the content isn't quite finished, but this game can be played through to a temporary ending. I hope you can get a feel for what a more complete experience might be like.
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Mighty CheBo
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