Flashing Lights - Police Fire EMS reviews

You gotta appreciate the effort to make a decent police/firefighter/ambulance simulator for once, but man is this game uninspiring. Even considering that it's an early access game (so no, no complains here about bugs, aboout one and a half character and vehicle customization options, etc.), it's got next to nothing to offer you except for mediocre at best controls and basic satisfaction of "go there, arrestz em, grab em, put em in your car, drive em back to the station and turn em in". It sounds more or less like actual policeman's job, but after some 4-5 calls you get bored so much you just wanna run your face over the keyboard in desperate hope of diversifying your gameplay at least in some way.
The firefighter and ambulance gameplays are riddled with the same exact issues. You just end up wishing this game had at least something more to it when you play, more life, more diversity.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review I only recently discovered Flashing Lights and eagerly followed the Development on Facebook. The Material shown was really top for Early Access. Therefore, I decided to buy the Game at quite short notice. The first thing that immediately stands out negatively is the Menu control. Here you can only navigate with a Keyboard, while in Submenus and in the Game itself you can also navigate with the Mouse. While this is troublesome, it is no longer tragic. The first thing I did was try the Fire brigade. The Character customization (of all three Fractions) is definitely expandable, but on average sufficient for an EA Start. Even the missing Fire Station does not bother at first Attempt. The Control of the Rotary ladder feels very good compared to other Titles. Some Noises (E.g. Engine) are unfortunately somewhat incongruously chosen here and you can only notice negative after a few Minutes. The First Bet (VU, pinched Person) went surprisingly well and was definitely Fun. The Container fire had also been achieved. Here, however, you have to keep in Mind that Flashing Lights is not a Simulator. However, the Use Of building fire brought me to a Question. Will you ever be able to carry out an Internal Attack? So far, the whole thing has been limited to Clearing individual Fire Stoves on Windows or Air Conditioners. This should create a major Problem for the Game in the long term. Is Flashing Lights Able to produce varied Stakes over the course of time? Without an Internal Attack, it will probably be tight on the part of the Fire brigade in the long Run. The Stakes always occur in the same Places is not particularly helpful. Those who have now looked forward to the Medic/edic Career are likely to be much less enthusiastic. So Both Firefighters and Medics can investigate injured People. Unfortunately, I failed to Handle the Stretcher, so I couldn't drive any more Missions here. As a Police officer, on the other hand, there is a lot of work to be done. In every 3rd Street is parked wildly in the Parking Ban. Again, the Stakes are much more Fun here than with The Medic. The Idea of carrying out speed checks has been well implemented, but there is no Information on how fast you can drive on the Road at all. Nor does there seem to be any Possibility of controlling Vehicles. But I'll take a closer look at that, as I've already seen it in Videos. I have not yet tested The Multiplayer and therefore cannot provide any Information about it. By and large, other Games deliver significantly more Consistent for the Price. I am sure that a lot will be delivered here and that the whole thing will change significantly in a few Months. At the present Time, the whole thing only offers for About 1-3 Hours of entertainment with sometimes complicated Control. So If you don't mind waiting several Months for new Content to be in Play, you should buy it as cheaply as possible now. If you expect several Days Of Fun at the moment, I would definitely advise you not to buy it at the moment.