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Please download the game for better mouse controls. Master the art of flick warfare!

A digital version of the games we all love to play with our Gogo's Crazy Bones figurines, Flick Fighters is a toy battle game set in a cozy living room during the festive period!

The aim of the game is to knock all five of the opposing team's figures off of the coffee table, using careful aim and the right amount of flick power.

Submitted for the Week Sauce December 2022 Game Jam with the theme 'Make a game based on a favorite gift you received as a child.'


How To Play:

1) Once each player has selected a team of five figures, you'll be transported to the battlefield. The player whose turn it is will be indicated in red or blue.

2) Select a figure on the battlefield by clicking on it. Only the figures owned by the active player may be selected.

3) Once selected, move the mouse left and right to rotate the camera and aim your fighter. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse downwards to add power to your flick.

4) Releasing the left mouse button will launch your figure in a straight line. Hitting into other figures will knock them!  Once the dust has settled, the next player will have their turn.

5) Repeat steps 2 -4 until all the figures of a team have been knocked off of the table. Be the last player still on the table to win!

The Team:
Joe Bevis (Programming, Cameras, Design & Production)
Avneet Sekhon (Programming, UI Functionality, Figure Spawns)

Malachi Kiloh-Munns (Programming, Gameplay Logic, Physics)
Kris Burgess-James (Programming, Transitions, Music)
Aine Keohane (Character Artist)
Danny Scott (Character Artist)
Chloe Tong (Environment Artist)
Release date
Joe Bevis
Malachi Kiloh-Munns
Kris Burgess-James
Age rating
Not rated

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Last Modified: Jan 12, 2023

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