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Fluffy Creatures VS The World

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The player is put in the role of Fluffy McCuddleston, the member of a peaceful, intellectual race. One day, his world was invaded by the nefarious Dr. Sadisto who captured Fluffy and his partner Snuggly Von Purpleton for his evil purpose.

He strapped them with a timed explosive device which will kill them both if they do not harvest the very rare candy gold substance for him.

It is up to player to guide Fluffy trough the tasks of the evil Doctor, save his partner and turn the tables on Sadisto to ensure the peace of the Fluffyland.


Fluffy creatures is a simple platformer game with two game modes, Single player and Multi player (shared screen and keyboard.). In the Single player mode the player will take the role of Fluffy who will have to collect as many coins in the time limit of each stage to save him from his untimely demise. Each stage will feature a time limit which increases with every coin collected and various traps that will hinder Fluffy in his mission for survival. Try to reach the end of each stage within the time limit and escape from the hell Dr. Sadisto created.

In the coop Multi player mode, the other player will assume the role of Snuggly and join Fluffy in order to disrupt the evil plans of Dr Sadisto. Candy is rare and time is running out. Who will be the first to die, and who will manage to beat the level and secure passage to the next stage?! Find out in Fluffy Creatures Vs. The World!!!

This is a simple game and features 25 short stages which gradually increase in difficulty. Beat the game in order to gain all the achievements.
Release date
Amaterasu Software
Amaterasu Software
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Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP or above
  • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo or better
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 9 (or later) compatible graphics card
  • Storage: 800 MB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Fluffy Creatures VS The World reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Product received for free Fluffy Creatures VS The World/Fluffy Critters VS ZA WAAARDO To me, I found it acceptable, the truth, even so, I will give my Views: GOOD Has Chrome and accomplishments. Although It seems childish is difficult. Kawaii Music so that we do not Pete the Kora every time you die. The stage is not bad or very well, corresponds to its theme. BAD Even If you say it is created with "Platform Physics: Advanced", not that I see many physical, if the bridge and when the stones fall, but nothing more. More than once you're going to die or rub the obstacle. The bug or not if they did it to post. On the walls, when you jump up very fast and that gives a lot of advantage and can even save your life, I find very cheto. Unless you read it on the store page you will not know anything about the history of the game, and if you read it, you will see that it is a ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥. The stopwatch you think is a way to make the game more difficult, but then you realize that is part of the story, also Because names so complex for the characters?, what if I do not understand, is if the last world is FluffyLand, Because it is so bloody? Or is it from Mr. Sdisto?, we won't know. You have No animation to see the story In multiplayer mode, the screen follows P1 and never to P2 at a time, nor does it widen, so if you tell your friend that he never played, he will stay behind and die for not seeing anything or will die for not see anything ahead. The most commented, and it is logical, The Game is Not Saved!. You have No way to go to the second level without passing the first. Its durability, if not because it is difficult we would pass the game in less than 15 minutes, but is extended to 30 or 40 minutes, the game is Very Short!, if you mount a story for a game at least have to last more than 2 hours. The number of Worlds is very small and with a lot of differences of difficulty, the first I pass everything to the first except the last, the second and you're dying considerably, but in the third and Last!, I do not think that there is someone looking at it for the first time has passed Or, you'll die for pixels. The achievements are very simple and with very little original names. "Pass the Worlds," That's what anyone does, an achievement is a challenge to overcome, and that's why... Accomplishments he would have put: "Collect all the coins from the game", "Stop by [Each World] without dying," "pass the game without dying," "Jump 100 times on the Bridge", "Play an Hour", "Die 100 times per Fall/by lava/by saws/by missile launcher", "Dies more than 10 00 times in total "," drop the game without standing still "," pass a level with more than 900 points of time "," drop a level with less than 10 points of time "," Make the second player reach the goal with less than 100 points of time and the first player with more than 500 "," Make the second player reach the goal with more than 500 points of time and the first with less than 100 "," Make the two players arrive with less than 100 points of time "," Stay still until you Die "," Make the two players die in the same obstacles 10 times "," Make the two players die in the same obstacle 100 times "," Right on the last level closes the game. " Originally posted by Marloncha: Well I think this is Clear.
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