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Football Club Simulator - FCS

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The real-time club simulator

What is it? Simple, really…

Football Club Simulator gives you total control of your team through an elegant and powerful interface.

This means that the player gets to make all the decisions of the Club as Head Coach, Manager, and Chairman.
In addition, you can try out your strategy in the “Interactive match” while giving orders to your payers in real-time.

A football & strategy videogame

Let your inner football strategist out!
You realize in just minutes that your decisions are making the difference and you are leading your team to glory. And all this in real-time!
1. During the Season

Make new signings to strengthen the squad or expand the stadium for more ticket sales and revenues.

2. Each week in training

Decide on what tactics to implement and choose the starting eleven…

3. Crucially

Give orders to your players in real-time during the match. You’ll love the feeling of being in control that Football Club Simulator offers you.

The “Interactive match”
Experience the game from the dug-out

In the “Interactive match” you’ll see your players doing what you’ve been working at training sesions during the week and playing to your tactics. And this it´s only the first step of your victory.

Most importantly, when the key moment arises, you can give orders to your players in real-time. They’ll instantly carry out, giving you the chance to lead your team to glory.

When you make the calls in the “Interactive match”, you will see stunning moves and incredible goals.
Enjoy them both as they happen and while watching the replays.

The “Plays chalkboard”

Football is not only about winning, its about winning in style…

We all know exactly how we’d have our teams playing if only we had the chance.
The “Plays chalkboard”, another Football Club Simulator exclusive, has put this within your reach.

Freeze the match, study the players’ positions and draw in the movements, actions, passes and shots you want them to make.

The “Command system”

Never forget… You are the Boss!!!

The “Command system” offers you a wide range of orders with which to change the flow of the match.

In defense

Tell your players to clear the lines, play the offside trap, up the intensity or keep hold of the ball as part of your strategy.

In attack
Pick the right moment to instruct your players to play the ball into the hole, open it up out wide, move it around or go route one.
“Real-Time orders” at match day
Command your team in real-time

In each half of the match; you'll have 20 seconds to run each order.
Your technical team has already got this covered.
+40', +60', +80'… Train specifically so that you can add up minutes to carry out each order on match day. Another step towards victory.

The “Real-Time shot”. Hit It!
Do not hold back! Hit it!

We proudly present the thrilling real-time command.

When one of your players has a clean sight at goal, do not hold back, give the order "Hit it!" and he'll shoot. Rise up your chances of score!
Release date
The Football Club Simulator Company
The Football Club Simulator Studio
FX Interactive
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: XP (SP3)/Vista (SP1)/Win 7/Win 8-8.1/Win 10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.2 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Ati Radeon X700/ Nvidia Geforce 6600 - 256 MB
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 650 MB available space
  • OS: Win 7/Win 8-8.1/Win 10
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 CPU 2.7 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GT 220/Ati radeon 5450 - 512 MB
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Giant Killer
Win 5 games against superior teams during the same season.
Derby expert
Pull off at least 3 wins and no defeats against the same rival in 5 consecutive derbies.
Under your leadership, a player is named MVP of the league in his position.
Lucky charm
Win the same competition 3 times.
Classify one or more teams for the FCS Europe Cup or the FCS Euro League at least 3 times.
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Football Club Simulator - FCS reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The Game is reminiscent of Ascaron's Classic. Those who like to work with 20 Skill values of each Player, screw at the Training, etc. will not have much Fun. The Options for Training, individual Player promotion, Special Tasks for individual Players, economic Decisions, design of the playful Environment, etc., Are clearly limited or non-existent. There is no Winter Break in Germany, which has irritated me a bit and no National Teams either, which I think is a shame (it's nice to have current National Players in the Squad). The Results that come out when you choose the pure Calculation are like Roulette. I've played a Season on a trial basis only with calculated Results and, despite nominally strongest Team in the League, have lost more than 20/34 Games or played undecided. The same Season in Live Game mode ended with 4 Games lost and 6 undecided. In the calculated Games I got 16 red Cards (that is, in the Prinizip a red Card every second Game) and massively yellow Cards. It was also strange that in one Game all Players were rated 1-2 (on a Betting Scale of 1 bad to 10 top), the Game 4:0 was lost and 3 Players of my Team were selected into the Team of the Matchday (with Average grade 1!). That of the Opponent 8 Points worse was in the Average Rating of the Playing Strength of the players (74:66) and at that Time Standings Penultimate was rounded off the Strangely only. Clear! Even the best Team sometimes has a saumian day where everyone plays somehow badly. Sometimes you're just Unlucky, too. However, the Frequency of Games lost, red Cards and the Rating of the Top Players with 1 was already frustrating. I Felt I lost every Game I clicked through. That's not fun. The Translation into German is partly creepy. Some Buttons are a bit incomprehensible at the Beginning. Among Transfers there is the Point "Assube + ask." That's where you get to the Bank and you can take out a Loan. The Translation of the Commands in the Command Center is also partly kitchen. The following Statement is commented on the command "Repentance": "The Defense will avoid Danger and clarifies the Ball for Attack" Häää??? However, the Possibilities of Influencing live Games (E.g. Pressing, playing over the Wings, direct Attack) clearly enhance the Game because they often lead to good Moves. The Potential of the Commands is only revealed (also due to the incomprehensible Description of the Commands) with a little Try and Error. But then it is really Fun to influence a Game And is also often rewarded with Success. Anyone who has played A * * * oß 3 likes to play and prefers to The Live game mode of calculating the Games (even if it takes Time) will find Pleasure in this Game. Update: Unfortunately, I now have a Bug that has so completely spoiled my Fun. That's why I don't think I'll continue to play for now. After a Complete Crash of the match on The 32nd Day of play in the second English League, the Score could no longer be loaded (Compatibility Problems of the Game stand with the game Version???). After a few Attempts it went again, but my Viewership has completely slumped (by then I was always sold out in principle, since then the Spectator Occupancy rate has been less than 10%-no matter what Entrance fee I set). I've had a total of 17000 Viewers in the last 7 home Games instead of 220000. Since my Calculation was very tight because I committed a lot of young Players whose Salary I had to improve over and over again over the course of the season, because their Values have improved a lot, I slipped into the minus Due to the lack Of income and As a Standings fourth Fired just before the End of The season (alternatively, I would have had to sell Players to prevent this). If I Had received the calculated Revenues of about 3 Million, I would have just come up with 0 until the End Of the season or handed over a Player I would have wanted to surrender anyway. So I'm going to put the game off the rest for the time being and maybe play again later.
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