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Fox Hunt is an interactive movie video game developed by 3Vision Gamers and published by Capcom for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation. It is an interactive movie title with live action visuals in the vein of a spy film.

Jack Fremont is known for his knowledge of TV shows; it turns out life is rough right now. He is about to get kicked out of his house. However, when bragging about his knowledge he is confronted by CIA agents. They tell him that there is a terrorist on the loose who wants to blow up Los Angeles. The terrorist is uncredited in some TV shows and now it's up to Jack to stop him.[1]

The gameplay of this game is varied. In some places the player character explores rooms and finds objects, and in others he enters fighting and action sequences. There is time limit in many of these sequences.[2] A red box in the corner of the screen informs the player when they need to take action during a quick time event.[3]

Fox Hunt was developed on a budget of $2 million.[4] Development was largely handled by movie studio 3Vision, with writer/producer Matt Pyken, producer/lawyer Adam Berns, and director Michael Berns (Adam's brother) at the helm.[4] The Pyken/Berns/Berns trio had previously created the 1994 PC game National Lampoon's Blind Date.[4]

Casting for the game was conducted in the second quarter of 1995.[4] The game was filmed over 35 days, mostly at the former Ambassador Hotel, though four days were set aside for shooting skiing footage in Aspen, Colorado.[4] George Lazenby commented on the shooting schedule: "Actors need a lot of flexibility since scenes are shot so quickly and you instantly go from being good to being evil. As Bond [in On Her Majesty's Secret Service], I once waited three days while the crew prepared to film a single scene! On Fox Hunt we do a new scene every hour. It's the way movies should be made."[4]

Reception for this game was positive. GameSpot said this about the game: "Overlooking some of the childish antics of its hero, Capcom's Fox Hunt is an interactive movie that merits more than a showing or two. It's silly and amusing but surprisingly well developed and fun to play." and gave it a 6.8.[5]

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