Games for PlayStation

PlayStation is a home video game console released by Sony in 1994. Its release also marks the start of the fifth generation in the industry. Also known as PlayStation 1 or PSX. There are two main revisions of PS1 — PlayStation and PSone with the latter being released 6 years afterward the first one. It was the first console to introduce the full-sized direction arrows instead of D-pad which was, in fact, one button with the ability to be pushed in four directions. The game lineup was consistent, too, as there were many titles which were remastered and reinvented later on even in decades after their initial launch. Nonetheless the hardware problems and regional differences regarding the change of O and X button functions, the console has quickly gained popularity and sold 102 million copies worldwide. The hardware features like slots for gamepad has also made their way into the games — for instance defeating the boss in MGS is only possible by changing the slot of the gamepad.
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