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Foxhole stands as a triumphant example of a sandbox MMO war simulation. Siege Camp has created a world that encapsulates the essence of warfare, encouraging teamwork, strategic planning, and logistical support. Whether engaging in intense front line combat, orchestrating logistics operations, or pursuing various roles, every player has a place on the battlefield. With its dynamic and immersive gameplay, Foxhole is a true masterpiece that grants players the freedom to shape their destinies and forge unforgettable tales in the never-ending battle for victory.
«Blew my mind»
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Product received for free Early Access Review Follow our Curator Page: GGC curations if you like this Review and you want to hear our Opinion about other Games A Sandboxing War simulation in which up to several Hundred People work Hand in Hand to help the Take enemy Bases within hours of Fighting. Summary Points (max. 100) Gameplay Realistic 65 Graphics Pittoresque 80 Music Battlefire 75 Conclusion Fighting Ready Combat Ready 72 The Gamekey was provided to the GGC Curations for free Gameplay The Basic Game principle of Foxhole is to win the War, either for The "Wardens" Or the Colonialists. You can choose one Side and stay on that Side throughout the War. The War is divided into several Battle Zones. There is a battle in the Zones for Checkpoints. The Fight takes place in Real time, so you may have just taken a Checkpoint, but lose two Because there are too few Comrades to the others. This keeps the Game very dynamic. That doesn't mean by Far, though, that the Fighting is quickly over. Smaller Battles alone can take several Hours. When most People think of War, they only have a Picture of the Theatres of war and the Battles before their Eyes. But this is only one Side. In order for war to be waged at all, materials must be available, as well as logistics that bring Ammunition to the Fronts. This also involves Part of the Game in Obtaining materials and recycling them. This is done in which a Hammer hits the object in question. There are a Variety of Materials and a wide Range of Rewarding options, such as Vehicles, weapons or Positions. The other Part, in turn, of being on the Front line and tactically Playing off the Opponent, with the Recurring fear of sitting right on dry land, since no Supply is coming, or the Desperation when hostile War Machines roll over their own Lines is Exciting and fun. The Community, in particular, lifts the Gaming Experience. She is lively and supportive. Communication with his Fellow Players can take place in a variety of ways. Voice and Text chat, as well as Pings, are available for communication. Overall, the Dynamics of the Gameplay are severely slowed down by the Material Search and its Transport, etc. But this is a Compromise that needs to be made for a realistic Simulation. Graphics The Game is played from a Bird's Eye view. The Choice of Perspective results in an Intersection of Detail and field Of vision. Tactical Details, such as Footprints in the Snow or Vehicle'S Receivings, are easy to make out. The Dynamics of the Game are also illustrated by a Day-night cycle. The Transition between times of Day Is fluid and offers Space for new Tactics. The Color Antensive also depends on the Time of day, so it is easier to see hidden Enemies during the day, through the greater Contrast, whereby in the evening Light sources can quickly reveal the Position. Vehicles and Buildings are strongly oriented towards those From the Period between the two world Wars. Their Appearance has been adapted to blend seamlessly into the World. Music Musical accompaniment Is at most available in the Main Menu and it is kept very simple. What Is more Important is the Orientation of Noise Sources as well as Differences from the Sounds of the respective Vehicles and Weapons. The Developers have placed a lot Of emphasis On this Point and thus noise sources can be located quickly and can also be distinguished from a trained Ear. Personal Conclusion Foxhole Settles into a Niche of Games that require a great Deal of commitment and Passion to generate a Fulfilling Gaming experience. The Fact That individual Battles can last Hours and That players are really needed to farm and process materials, as well as reset Game progress to 0 after a War, takes getting used to. But once you've licked blood, there's no going Back. The Gaming Experience is like a good Wine, it matures over Time When this Review suits you likes to follow our Review Program.