Franklin's Great Adventures

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Franklin is a young turtle who, along with his animal friends, is learning how he fits in the world and how the world fits him. Franklin learns by making mistakes. When he fibs, gets lost or acts bossy, he usually finds solutions himself, learning lessons the Franklin way - but also having fun in the process.

This cross platform adventure; takes place during the summer where Franklin the likeable boy turtle sets off with Beaver & Bear to make new friends and help the people in the village. Join Franklin & his best friends in his new adventures to help characters like Mr Mole to catch butterflies and Mr Badger the Postman collect the lost mail to name just a few.


• Use the DS wand on the touch screen to help Franklin speed ahead on his bike and peddle like crazy!
• Blow into your DS microphone to put some extra wind behind Franklin's sails and make his boat go faster and faster.
• Test your friends out on these challenges and more as you play in Multi-player mode!
• Franklin's Great Adventures aims to stimulate children's imagination, creativity and their ability to find solutions.
• The game also exercises the child's hand-to-eye coordination, whilst enjoying the spirit of adventure, being kind and having fun with friends.|
• This new and very latest version of Franklin's Great Adventures - Takes full advantage of the Nintendo DS technology!

Release date
Neko Entertainment
The American Game Factory
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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