Friday Night Funkin': Yoshi Engine

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Welcome to Yoshi Engine, The new moddable engine.

The engine adds many features to the original game, such as :

  • Full mod support
    • Songs
    • Characters
    • Stages
    • Modcharts
    • Custom notes
    • Cutscenes
    • Weeks
    • Credits
  • Customization
    • Custom keybinds
    • Downscroll
    • Custom scroll speed
    • GUI scale
    • GUI Options
      • Accuracy mode
      • Text quality level
      • Timer
      • Press delay
      • Accuracy
      • Number of misses
      • Average hit delay
      • Rating
      • Animated info bar
    • Custom note colors
    • Custom note skins
    • Custom Boyfriend skins
    • Custom Girlfriend skins
  • Botplay
  • Green Screen Mode
  • New charter
  • Freeplay Statistics
  • Developer Mode
    • In game logs
    • Developer toolbox - Create mods easily !
    • Disables cache

The goal of the engine is to get rid of the duplicated base game included with every mods, and allow users to install multiple mods at once using the built-in mods folder.

How do i install a mod ?

To install a mod, it's pretty simple.

  1. Download a Yoshi Engine mod from GameBanana or any other website
  2. Extract the mod folder from the zip
  3. Move it in the "mods" folder
  4. Restart the engine and enjoy !

Please note that the engine still got some issues, so if you find one, report it on the engine's GitHub page.

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Last Modified: Mar 25, 2022

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