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Enter an intense cyberpunk world and experience fierce, dynamic combat! Conquer your enemies in the physical world and in cyberspace. Hunt for answers inhumanity’s last remaining shelter.

Ascend humanity’s last remaining shelter, a great tower-city. The tower is torn by violence, poverty, and chaos. Conquer your enemies, discover the secrets of the superstructure and your own origin and obtain the power to challenge The Keymaster.

The game takes place in the future, after a global cataclysm where the remains of humanity live in a tower built by The Architect, who died mysteriously years ago. Everyone knows the truth, no one says it aloud.

The world ruled by The Keymaster is harsh. A person’s worth depends on the category of implants they have, defining their whole lives. The implants—given to them in childhood—determine which social group a person belongs to. If you weren’t lucky enough to get a good life, there is nothing you can do.

It's no surprise that a rebellion starts.

You are a cyber-warrior, the only one capable of fighting both in the physical world and in cyberspace. Lost and hunted, thrown into the middle of the conflict, you must use this bond with technology to ascend the tower.

As you climb higher, secrets are revealed. The clock starts ticking on a race to uncover the mystery behind the structure that houses humanity’s last hope. Solve the riddle or be killed—there is no other option.

Release date
3D Realms
One More Level
Slipgate Ironworks™
All in! Games
Age rating
17+ Mature
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System requirements for PlayStation 4

System requirements for Nintendo Switch

System requirements for PC

  • OS: WIN7-64 bit
  • Processor: Intel i3-2100 / AMD A8-5600k
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 630 / Radeon HD 6570

System requirements for Xbox One

System requirements for Xbox Series S/X

System requirements for PlayStation 5

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Last Modified: Sep 15, 2021

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Epic Games
Xbox Store
PlayStation Store

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Nov 23, 2021
some more fanart for you guys!
Nov 22, 2021
Use to make these videos for doom eternal, thought Ghostrunner would fit as well. Hope you enjoy!
Nov 23, 2021
Happy birthday GR!
Nov 23, 2021
Ghostrunner Ultimate DLC Teaser Trailer
Nov 23, 2021
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Nov 24, 2021
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Ghostrunner reviews and comments

Platform: PC (Epic Games)

Playtime: 7h 48m

Completion Date: Jun 29, 2021

Popular Review: "Ghostrunner looks great, plays great and it’s also a great challenge. If you like something different, mixing genres and action-focused, make sure you give it a try." - Vandal

My Review: The game is incredibly good, but unfortunately too short (you can do it in 6 hours without rushing) and unfortunately it doesn't offer too many bosses and commas, the plus is that you must approach each opponent differently. And the locations are well designed. We encourage you to play.
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
Recommend at a discount, but for $30 this game doesn't offer quite enough content.

Ghostrunner is a trial-and-error cyber-ninja game that features similarities to other perfection seeking games like Super Meat Boy. Some of the platforming can be frustrating, especially the later wallrunning segments. The Ghostrunner doesn't always grab onto walls the way you expect. Visually striking, plus great visual clarity of enemies, projectiles, and interactive objects. The soundtrack is immersive, fitting, and perfect to zone out to, but ultimately forgettable. The game is only 6-8 hours long unless you get stuck. There's some replay value to be had in finding collectibles and improving your times, but it would have benefited from another few hours of slicing baddies up. I also frequently ran into bugs with my controls, where everything would become nonresponsive unless I restarted, losing a good chunk of progress.
It's a first person Hotline Miami.
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