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GIGA WRECKER is a 2D action adventure game where you play as Reika, a girl who has the ability to manipulate debris and explore a world invaded by an army of evil robots.
Experience and enjoy unique action, attractive characters and dramatic story.

【Key Features of GIGA WRECKER】

・Mixture of exploration and physics
Smash down towering walls, use rubbles as platform and climb high cliffs……This game is an innovative mixture of physics and stage exploration.

・Combination of puzzle and action
Crush enemies with a falling object, think and choose the right weapon for the right situation……you can enjoy the achievement of solving puzzles and gimmicks, beating traps and enemies.

・Special abilities
The player character has the power called ARCHE(ARms Creating and Handling Effect), the ability to construct various weapons using rubbles and scraps from broken objects.
Each weapon has its own unique effect, so make full use of them to explore through the stages.
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Game Freak
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: 64-bit Win 7 or above
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo ~2GHz or higher (or equivalent)
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Graphics Card NVIDIA GTS 240 or higher (or equivalent)
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 4 GB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Clean sweep
You cut down terrain with the Debris Blade, and destroyed 5 enemies with it almost at the same time.
Reckless Charge
You digged through terrain more than 30 meters with a single Debris Drill.
Heavy weight
You destroyed 50 enemies by crushing them with terrain.
Killer Technician
You destroyed 50 enemies using stage gimmicks.
Seeking Sorceress
Defeated Astra Kadrū in Darshana, Temple of Seekers.
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GIGA WRECKER reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Frankly, I loved this game, which is pretty addictive, without last too long to weary (about fifteen hours). The system of this platform game has dared originalities, which constitkill the very basis of its concept, and which alone deserve to try it. You will gradually acquire skills, and these allow you to use the décor elements (the rubble of the title) as fundamental elements to progress. Because you have to change the scenery yourself (and not just demolish it) to progress in the levels, and go back in time if you missed something. Kind of like a puzzle game. The concept could have been more advanced, but the experience remains interesting. Because apart from its originality of gameplay, you have to keep in mind that Giga wrecker is an independent game, with its flaws and its qualities. At the rank of faults, quickly: collisions with elements of scenery not always logical (we pass through some elements and not others) and frustrating, but tempered by the dimension "die and retry". Sometimes too austere screens (skill or card). And some skills that only bring an aesthetic interest to history (especially the many "Arche abilities", which could have, for example, give advantage of small tactical bonuses depending on the variants). Because at the level of aesthetics, we really go into a neat job, for a little game. The whole universe bathes in a rather original post-APO/futuristic design, really very successful and coherent. The narrative tables, albeit fixed, are really works of art, totally fittings with the rest, while supporting the personality of the characters (we will return). The music, in spite of curls sometimes a little short, are really beautiful, and always alternate at the right time the contemplative passages, lyrical, or the violence of confrontation. And the clashes with the bosses, which are the stakes of the story, are certainly quite dirigistes, with patterns to understand to triumph, but well personalized and precise. Above all, the story and the characters are really well conducted, with a very built psychology, and a gradual evolution of the main character, which gradually changes his worldview, with a small nuance of "initiatic Quète" always very nice. And generally, in the course of the dialogue bubbles, the personality of the characters, including BOSSES (who are not there just to be exterminated), is specified by small touches. Without spoiler, the story, which begins in a way of the most classical, without being a revolution, is very well conducted, and of an unexpected depth and subtlety at the outset. In the end, if I found the game system very nice though perfectible, I fell in love with every side: the designs, the music, the characters, the universe. I sincerely hope that a sequel will be given to this opus, retaining the level of requirement and improving the few flaws.
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