Golem reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
A Little story about the relationship of the girl and the creature called "Golem", narrated in pictures, slightly feel desperately me pixel shorts. I would like it to be more authentic, and the puzzles and landscapes were more diverse. Especially, it would be desirable, that the subjects with which it is possible to interact were better allocated from a background, for it is possible to get stuck simply not realizing that one or another object at all can be used. The Camera was corrected with patches, though, the problem is: "When you approach the landscape, you cannot see the details". I do Not know how it could be solved, maybe with a map, but in this game in some locations it would have to do three-dimensional. Of Course, only desperate people are taken for the production of puzzles. It is Worth noting that the developers do not try, at all costs, to prolong the time in the game, it is worth mentioning the quick scrolling running, which is very lacking in many platform-puzzling (and not only) games. Despite The disadvantages, the game is touching and lively, able to help pass a couple of evenings, as well as to make think over the questions of the Lemovsky type: Is it possible consciousness of the machine, and at what point does it appear?
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Good... It bother me to put a negative note because the music and the artistic direction are really sublime. We find ourselves in a game with the aspects of "rime" artistically. We run a girl who finds herself nose to nose in front of a core of Golem. Deciding to attach to it and help it to replenish itself. Very nice all this, but the first thing that is wrong is the playability "to the tablet", we click a place: we move to the point. Other interactions are limited to a mouse-based move on a predefined line. It was clearly designed for touchscreen and not suitable for PC. Moreover this mode of displacement makes the gameplay quite heavy and not responsive enough. You can also move the camera using the ASDW keys, in order to solve the puzzles. Second problem being that the AZERTY keyboard is unrecognized and no question of binder the keys in the options. Finally, and it was on this point that I ended up asking for reimbursement of the game. At a level where you play with the Golem version "dog", you have to play with a platform to cross the whole level. Except that this level contains an unanticipated move of the Golem that makes the resolution of the level impossible and was not anticipated by the developers. Impossibility to finish the level, inability to replay the level and icing on the cake... No automatic backup. If in spite of all this, you will venture into the game, do not forget to save it manually!