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Gothic 3

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The third part of Gothic series picks up the plot of Gothic II: Night of the Raven immediately after its ending. The protagonist arrives at the kingdom of Mrytana that was recently conquered by a horde of orcs with the help of a rogue wizard. Only a handful of humans, led by their king, still maintain their resistance in the capital that is protected by a magic shield. The rest of the human population is enslaved by orcs. The Nameless Hero is expected to save the kingdom; however, the player is free to choose to help orcs instead or even side with some other faction, like Nomads. There are six factions in the game, of which three will allow the protagonist to join after he reaches a certain level of reputation with them. Like previous parts of its series, Gothic 3 is set in an open-world high fantasy setting, and its gameplay reminds that of The Elder Scrolls series. You can explore cities, forests and deep underground caves, accept quests from NPCs, and fight a variety of monsters and wild animals to level up and learn additional skills for battle, magic or crafting. The world of Gothic 3 is vast, though somewhat empty and nearly devoid of female characters.
Metacritic rating
Release date
Oct 12, 2006
Piranha Bytes
THQ Nordic, Piranha Bytes
Age rating
17+ Mature
System requirements for PC
  • Supported OS: Windows XP/2000/XP 64-Bit/Vista
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD CPU 2 GHz or equivalent
  • Memory: 1024 MB Ram or higher
  • Graphics: 3D graphics card with 128 MB Ram and Shader 1.4
  • Sound: DirectX 8.1 compatible
  • Hard Drive: 4.6 GB
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Last Modified: Jul 16, 2019
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Gothic® 3: A Legend becomes an Epic. First of All, contrary to some Of the Representations I have read, this Game works flawlessly and without Error. However, there are some Places in the Game that could easily be thought of as bugs or similar. However, these are all in Places where the Hero of the Game should not be. What is Meant are Places in the Landscape where the Graphic Developers probably did not think they would get there. But You can get almost everywhere, you just have to look stubbornly enough for a Way. So that must be said. I just want to say so much about the Game itself. There is nothing like it. This is an Egoper-perspective Role-playing game with a unique Character Development and an easy-to-learn Combat System, embedded in a cracked, sprawling, almost limitless world. Full of Magic and the relentless Use of a wide variety of Weapons of all Kinds. Whoever means that one gets to the Goal is wrong, and that is enormous. The Way to the Goal requires the Use of a Lot of Brain Lard and always new Ideas that made it try out. The AI is great and responds very well to everything you do or don't do. The AI is putting a lot Of effort into Making life as a Hero so hard. All the Tasks that exist are objectionable, all opponents are conquerable. Use your learned Skills to successfully complete even the toughest Problems that are sure to get in your Way ... Reviews of all Gothic Parts-http://steamcommunity.com/groups/hoi4deu Gothic® 3: A legend becomes an epic. In advance, contrary to some representations I've read this game works flawlessly and without error. However, there are some places in the game that easily be considered bugs or similar. However, these are all in places where the hero of the game actually should not be his. Meant are places in the landscape where the graphics developers probably thought you would not get there. But one comes almost everywhere, one has only persistently enough to search for a way. So that had to be said once. I just want to say so much about the game itself. There is nothing comparable. This is a role-play game from the first person perspective with a unique character development and an easy-to-learn combat system, embedded in a risky, while putting, almost limitless world. Full of magic and the merciless use of a wide variety of weapons of all kinds. Who now thinks that one comes to the goal of the indeed wrong, and tremendous. The way to the goal requires the use of a lot of brainwash and always new ideas to try it out. The AI is great and very very well to anything you do or do not do. The AI goes to great features to make life as a hero so difficult for you. All tasks are possible, all opponents are defeatable. Use your skills to successfully complete even the toughest issues that are in your way ... Reviews for all Gothic parts-http://steamcommunity.com/groups/hoi4eng
Да, котята в банных халатах вместо орков. Да, кабаны-убийцы. Но это всё ещё Готика.
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