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GTI Racing

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GTI Racing uniquely blends a realistic and highly detailed car physics simulation with the pure fun of driving in a very dynamic way. Grab the wheel, push the pedal to the metal and gather the sensation for the incredible sense of speed and the power of all the real world cars.
  • Realistic driving model: Lifelike car physics reflect the pure enjoyment of dynamic car driving using some of the best dynamic physics around. Detailed handling model with carefully adjusted parameters give you full control of the car and an incredible ease of driving whilst still being very fun to drive.
  • Cars: GTI Racing gives you the biggest collection of the legendary European Volkswagen Golf series cars. Choose one of the 15 GOLF models, representing all five generations from its original heritage through to the current day. Try out the GTI, G60 and the outstanding R32! Check out Volkswagens hottest concept cars and classics - along with the original Beetle and T1 "Samba" transporter.
  • Tuning: GTI Racing introduces you to the professional car customization world, thanks to the impressive and wide array of original visual and performance modding and tuning parts. Spoilers, xenon lights, wide body kits, exhausts and rims - everything you would ever need or desire for the visual aspect of tuning your car. Turbo's, nitro`s, sports transmissions, performance brake kits and wide tires - unlimited performance tuning possibilities.
  • Career: Over 70 races in 6 unique settings and scenarios against challenging AI opponents will keep the heat on. Time trial, Drift competition and Drag racing, wild Baja and new Legal Race modes. Finish all 25 Championships located in Germany, France, Italy, UK and USA, earn money and spend it on your ride!
  • Dynamic race surroundings: GTI Racing introduces a new level of intensity into the world of racing thanks to fully physics simulated hundreds of objects on the tracks. Use fully interactive objects to create your advantage - slow down your opponents or disable their cars completely.
  • Demanding AI: drivers make full use of the driving and collision physics model. They will cut you off, run you off the road, use shortcuts to get to the finish line first, so be on your guard and watch out for them.
  • Detailed car damage: every contact you make with and object or form of racing collision will leave a dent on your vehicle! Based on Xpand Rally experiences highly detailed damage and mechanical car part stress models this has ben used to great effect to enhance the experience with a very rich flavor!
  • Online drive: Race through LAN or on the Internet. Extremely playable Baja mode, closed circuits, highways, drift driving competitions and drag racing championship which will give the multi player racer something to shout about. Intense 4 player racing and action in each race.
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System requirements for PC

Minimum System Requirements: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, P IV/AMD Athlon processor with 1.8 GHz, 256 MB RAM, Video card with 64 MB, DX 8.0 compatible (GeForce 3 or ATI Radeon 9200)*, Sound card DX 8.0 compatible, 2,5 GB of free space on hard drive, DirectX 9.0c, 56k Modem (for Internet multiplayer mode)
Recommended System Requirements: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, P IV/AMD Athlon processor with 2.5 GHz, 512 MB RAM, Video card with 128 MB, DX 9.0 compatible (GeForce 5700 or ATI Radeon 9600)*, Sound card DX 8.0 compatible, 2,5 GB of free space on hard drive, DirectX 9.0c, ISDN Internet connection (for Internet multiplayer mode)
Please note that video cards that do not support T&L in hardware do not fully meet the games minimum spec and will therefore suffer performance issues. The game requires video card with Pixel Shader 1.1. The Game was not tested with onboard graphics cards, including laptops.
*The game does not support GeForce 4MX video cards.
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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GTI Racing reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
11 Fun for €4.99da, Triple A titles you can make an Example of it nemen! It's a Must for all VW and GTI Lover
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Cool Game with varied Tracks and lots of Tuning Options. Driving Physics takes getting used to but still makes a lot of fun:D.
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
For Me as a VW Driver and Fan, just pointed, it makes mega Fun. Also the Tuning is very good, there are only Original Parts like Rieger Bilstein Eibach Etc, since some so Tuning Game ne Slice can cut off from:))
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
If You expect a need for speed with graphics of last generation is not your game. No ah aged badly even that graphically has its shortcomings today. But It is playable today and if we consider his age is very well. It can be played perfectly with steering wheel and has a more than correct sensibility. If you are looking for an entertaining and cheap racing game it is a very good option.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
GTI Racing has been very surprised as a Low budget title, and although I'm not a big VW fan, here we come to a few Points: + We have a Lot of different Models from Volkswagen, and Although the Game is called "GTI Racing," there's more than just GTI in it. From The Bulli and Beetles To the High Speed Prototype W12, everything is really included. + The Tracks are quite nicely designed and Differ very, especially Nevada I liked + performance and Optics Tuning is Included, some of the Parts are even Licensed (Rieger for Example) + I like the whole Menu design somehow, find me right Quickly ^^ + Where we were at Performance Stuning, in the Game it is also partly still possible to create a Setup for the Vehicle to adapt it for different Conditions + The Sound of the Cars sounds quite good, a Beetle nibbles around with its Boxer, the Turbo Sounds are also made nice, only the Nitro Sound sounds a little stupid, as if someone would pee in ne Gas pulles ^^ + There are different Weather conditions and Times Of Day But Also a few Minus points the Game ^^-The Physics of the Game behaves quite gladly Sometimes funny, you have to be careful after a Jump not to have completely carved off the Track. Or at a Curve with an increase you will like to ^^ swirled through the air-If you push an opponent at the back, it slips half an hour through the Area until it pops into an Object-Nitro Sounds as I said a bit funny ^^ To the Graphic I don't score any Points Because for me she's actually in Ording for the Year. Overall, I liked the Game and I would recommend it to any recommendation that seeks a nice Arcade racing Game for little Money: 3
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