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Gun Wings

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It's the year 2112. A hundred years following the apocalypse, humans quickly rebuilt a new world while developing science and technology. Earth, at this time, became a perfect Eden. Despite this, humans continued to be possessed of madness and desire. Wars, crime, and killings still continued.

In 2113, due to the demand for new weapons of war, a program surrounding cybernetic technology was initiated. A group of specially selected girls was sent to a secret research facility for body modifications.

In 2115, a mysterious meteorite from deep space was detected approaching the Solar System. Some scientists predicted it would hit the Earth in three years. Humans were so afraid that they tried everything they could to prevent this from happening.

In 2116, analysis of the incoming meteorite revealed something even more frightening: the presence of many unknown life forms and suspected viral substances on the meteorite. Even if humanity survived the meteorite hitting the Earth, the world would be destroyed due to these mysterious life forms and viruses.

Near the end of 2117, just before the meteorite is due to hit the Earth, three of the girls who had their bodies modified as weapons are sent, along with all the hopes of humanity, to destroy the meteorite and save mankind...
Release date
Angels Blue Digital Entertainment
Mercury Stone
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP or Higher
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz Pentium 4 or Higher
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Integrated Graphics
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 200 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Tough as Nails
Die 44 times in a single game
Bullet Sponge
Absorb enemy bullets to gain energy
Behind the Enemy Lines
Finish the fifth stage on any difficulty
Edge of Darkness
Finish the sixth stage on any difficulty
Get 1,000 gems in a random stage
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Gun Wings reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Nice Game for in between, although it already takes some Time ^ ^ Quick and Hard to play from a certain Level ~ You can't say the Video above is enough anyway. The Price goes into Order and the Cards together also have a good Value apple Pie!
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Good game something short, the difficulty is noticeable in normal in the last stage, the soundtrack of the first levels do not like me but in the last if I liked Q enough, buy it during offers and win more silver with the cards, is an entertaining and fun game maybe Continue to play with any of the other characters, is a good game to pass the time and get out a bit of the Rutima I recommend
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
My own opinion: It Seems to be a simple imitation of "Gradius" of the NES, but instead of a spaceship are 3 girls (in different difficulty), with powers, just buy it for the cards that at this time are somewhat expensive and the game can be paid "alone" , but if you buy to play it, better buy something else, I give positive for the girls who come out in a few scenes, the game is hard, (in a difficult way, it is almost impossible not to die), I recommend it to less than 1 dollar or 10 pesos mx down.
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
I was expecting something better. Cons:-The game is in the window, and you can not play in full screen-there are no options-you can not adjust the death zone of the controller-the character you use and the enemies have a sriminzita and faded air, making you difficult to understand the position of some fashions Lli with the thing of the eye Pro:-I do not know why I do not lose time with a game like that, CMQ for the moment the best (not for difficulty but for content and implementation) is the series of ' ' DEEP SPACE WAIFU ' ', cheap is done well, and if you just want you can remove the CENs From the hub of the game (and I'll consigni it, because the game was thought so, and with the censorship seems a waste of time)
Translated by
Microsoft from French
This game is pretty good. Not perfect but it does the Taff. I didn't feel like playing a game with huge but sympathetic ambitions to do. Several points are however to be improved thereafter, if the game is kept up to date to improve the experience:-the 60fps: it is beast but it feels that it is not fluid. -my option: resolution and key configuration (well placed Basic, except the bomb one can away). The trick is that our character is very small with a small histbox but with many extremely small projectiles (for hell bullet). the visibility is therefore not easy to base and the feeling of lack of fluidity does not help. But it remains sympathetic for are prizes. (see also exceed 3rd and Mushihime SAMA (this goes from either) for those who love style)
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