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Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure

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Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure is a fantastic Action-RPG from leading Japanese developer Falcom (Developers of “Ys” and “Zwei” among other classics) featuring real-time combat, stunning 3D graphics, tons of fully voiced characters and mini-games , 90+ items, multiple endings, a rocking soundtrack, 35+ hours of playtime, and more. Originally released outside Japan on Sony’s PSP®, Mastiff is proud to bring a fully localized and updated version of Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure to Windows and to offer it through Steam with a full set of Steam specific features including Achievements, Trading Cards, Big Picture and Cloud Save. The Story Gurumin stars Parin, a strong-willed girl sent to live with her grandfather in a small mining town. Parin soon discovers an invisible monster village hidden behind her home. She is quickly drawn into a fight between the village’s friendly monster residents and the Phantoms, evil monsters that want to destroy them. Learning of a weapon hidden underneath the village that she alone is fit to wield, Parin embarks on a quest to stop the Phantoms and make the world right. Play From Your Couch Features 30 stages of non-linear game play 23 non-player characters, 48 unique enemies, and more than 90 items to collect Brilliantly diabolical dungeons, traps, puzzles and boss encounters Mini-games galore! 5 difficulty levels Hidden characters, modes, and other secrets Supports Windows XP, 7 and 8 at high resolution (up to 1920x1080) and with modern Anti-aliasing (up to 8X MSAA) Full Steam support including: Achievements, Steam Cloud, Big Picture mode, and... Beautiful Steam Trading Cards An All Star Cast Amber Hood as Parin Tara Strong – Cream/Mosby Justin Shenkarow as Puku/Prince Dee (Bradley) Baker as Rocko/Digby Robin Atkin Downes – Pierre/Doug Michael Gough – Hyperbolic/Giga Steve Blum – Motoro/Bob Quinton Flynn – Roger/Poco
Release date
Jun 29, 2006
Mastiff LLC
Nihon Falcom Corporation
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: Pentium III 800 MHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 64 MB VRAM, 3D accelerator compatible w/ DirectX 9.0c
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Compatible with DirectX 9.0c
  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
  • Processor: Pentium III 1.0 GHz or higher
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 64 MB VRAM, 3D accelerator compatible w/ DirectX 9.0c
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Compatible with DirectX 9.0c
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Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Quite nice, but doesn't stand up to any Comparison to old Classics When a Game is equated With Titles like Ys and Zelda, that does not, of course, fuel expectations, which in most Cases are not met. This is also the case in Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure, which was cut to Children with its mediocre, colorful Graphics and cheesy Presentation anyway. Accordingly, some gameplay content is also more superficial than it should be. At least the Puzzles and Level Design of the strunzlinear Dungeons make for neat boredom and, apart from a certain Basic Base, don't have much in common with Zelda. The Fights, on the other hand, lack the glorious Simplicity and Speed of a Ys title. Older Semesters will be more bored with Gurumin, which now doesn't mean the Game would be bad. Gurumin will not be teasing anyone to Cheer, but it does spread a certain Charm that keeps you at the Pole For at least the majority of the first Run Of play. Before I finish the Clear announcement that a Controller is an absolute Duty in this Game! With a Mouse and Keyboard, Gurumin is unpalatable and therefore not worth considering from the start. Pro and Kontra: Pro:-nice Mix of action RPG, action adventure and 3D Platformer-charming characters-offers many Unlockable extras and Difficulty degrees Neutral:-child-friendly, partly very Cheesy Presentation-special attacks require too much Finger Acrobatics Kontra:-Controller duty because mouse and keyboard control is unreasonable-generally poor camera control-puzzle and Dungeon Design are too superficial-Graphics do not seem convincing even for a 2004 PC game
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Got through the Storymode and as always everything is summarized At the bottom again gameplay The Game gives the Impression of a "Childs-Only title" from the middle to the End, but from the middle To the end it becomes slowly but certainly quite tricky, because the Bouncy Passages Require Responsiveness and Coordination. One controls the Girl "Parin" (Name can be changed) through colorful Dungeons, which come with all kinds of Puzzles and Bouncy Passages as well as numerous Opponents who use different Means such as Cannons or Bombs. As An Action Adventureneuling, the Game Demanded a lot from me. Above All, the Bosses, who can be repeated if Necessary, I find a total of real well implemented. In the Course of the Game you will find various Items that can be used for the Fight or generally to get further in the levels, such as a Pair of Scuba Goggles that prevent you from being Damaged in the Water. Or a Hat that strengthens the offensive as well as deffensive Abilities of the Protagonist and all can be reinforced, therefore probably the RPG tag, because in addition to a temporary increase in The power of one's own Weapon by chirittic hits (which one only achieves through good Timing) There is a total of nix large RPG-like at the Game. All In All, Gurumin's Gameplay is more reminiscent of an Action adventure with Platform bonds than an RPG, which is why I think it's questionable whether it's legitimate to call that an RPG. I think a Platformer tag makes more sense. Soundtrack The Soundtrack is in my opinion well implemented throughout and each Boss has their own Boss theme (what is played in the Background while you fight the Boss) Control I played the Game with Mouse and Keyboard because the Game my Controller Didn't realize why I appreciated it a little heavier, but it was quite common overall, except that I couldn't really use some Special Attacks that require accurate Handling for effective Application in Fights. Summary Pro varied Gameplay especially interesting for Archive research, since one rates differently for Levels, good Soundtrack is designed relatively frust-free And therefore for younger and older interesting Humor (Matter Of taste) Contra Control for Mouse and Keyboard can only be partially edicated, rather designed For Controllers and with Mouse and Keyboard sometimes somewhat problematic Conclusion Gurumin is an Insider Tip for Action adventure refrevents, which also like Platformers
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