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GUTS (Gory Ultimate Tournament Show) is a hilarious ultra-violent Tarantino-style over-the-top game where players must dismember each other by chopping off arms and legs. Lost a limb or two? Worry not, the fight continues even when there are just two little stumps, and it keeps going until one fighter emerges victorious after dismembering all the opponent’s four limbs!

GUTS brings many innovations - concerning the other fighting games currently in the market. The main difference is that GUTS doesn’t have a Health Bar. Fighters must rip off their foes’ arms and legs and deliver a final dismembering blow to win. So it’s useless to keep kicking and punching your way around: you must dismember to win.

There are a few different ways to dismember: the main method are the GUTS Moves, special unblockable attacks that rip off a limb when they connect. The second way to dismember is another unique feature in GUTS: the Hazards, or Traps. Each stage has specific traps, with distinct behaviours, that dismember the fighters when they touch them.

Imagine a hyper consumerist society in 2067 where a scientist discovers that people who get exposed to high levels of violence on TV are healthy and peaceful. Violence on TV is allowed and fighters become the major celebrities in the world! Dismembering your oponents in a reality show doesn’t seem the most normal thing in the world, but try to imagine this violence mixed with an over the top humor.

Each one of the 9 characters has their own story and a reason to be at GUTS. Put a hell of a fitness father to fight against a pricess who is also the world's most popular Eating Sports Athlete and a true spokesperson for the Yummy Fatty eating trend and keep the audience and GUTS’ showrunner entertained, otherwise he can add some surprises to the fight, like disabling heal or defense moves! Everything is allowed to keep the show entertaining for the spectators and players!

• Extremely bloody, fast-paced and violent matches filled with limb amputations
• No health bar - players must dismember their opponent completely to win;
• No fight timer - the show gets harsher as the match progresses with more hazards to escalate the stakes at the end of the bout;
• U-Points system - used to unleash a few special movements: heal and recover a lost limb;
• 9 playable characters and 5 different stages;
• Story Mode: Over 9 hours of single player gameplay to reveal all GUTS Characters Stories with their 2 different endings
• Online Mode: Challenge players in the world in casual and ranked modes
• Local multiplayer: Slaughter against your friends locally
• Extras: Unlockables, 3D Models, Videos, etc
• Competitors don’t stop fighting when they lose their limbs, they change their move sets and keep fighting until they have none;
• Moves and Special Attacks change according to how many limbs the character has left;
• Easy to play, hard to master: gameplay created to please casual and pro players;
• Over-the-top humor for a genuine hilarious experience;
• Use fallen limbs as weapons;
• Interact with deadly environments full of hazards that can cause as much harm as an opponent;

We are building an awesome community on Discord: this is the place where co-development happens. We encourage you to share what you think in many different channels, from bug reporting to general talking, interacting with other GUTS enthusiasts and talking directly with the developers!
Release date
Big Men Games
Flux Game Studio
Libredia, Big Men Games, Flux Game Studio
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • Processor: Intel Core i5-3450 / i5-3330
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 750 2gb
  • Storage: 5 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: GUTS is not optimized yet
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Finish a Full Chaos match
Win a match with no limbs left
Successfully throw a Limb and connect it on an adversary
You Win! Perfect!
Win a match without being dismembered
Family Friendly
Get your rival to be severed by the roller coaster and the boat in the same match at The GUTS Park
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GUTS reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Product received for free (premium and for information, I received this game for free thanks to devs and fanatical, formerly Bundlestars, during a contest, so thanks to flux Game Studio and Fanatica, #nonsponsorisé, #grattitude) good then you found e that dive kick is fun but not has enough touch? Fight gods is not offensive enough? And you regret the ultraviolet of the 1990s in the pure vein of Mortal Kombat clones and you would like to use your opponent's limbs to smash it as in this obscure cult game called thrill kill? So you're in luck, because GUTS doesn't respect anything, handicapped people dismembered happily in a bloodbath with a hectolitre on a ring full of danger with a transgender as a ceremonial mistress. GUTS is a nice fighting game with a very special system, a bit like the very good fantasy strike, I explain: each fighter to technically 5 points of life (one for each Member and one for the trunk) you have to have a gauge of combos p to be able to activate the "guts move" which initiates a super attack, and in a system of stone leaf chisel the opponent for you "Denny" and regain the advantage, but that is not all, you have an action point gauge also, you will be able among other things: recover a member (and thus take back a point of life), throw a member in the figure of your opponent or just throw him a passer-by fan of the fights of GUTS. If in addition you add random events (like the guts gauge fills up faster, or inability to heal) and traps in the ring that can very well turn against any of the fighters. We have a game a little grurin, Gore and irreverent and yet a bit technical and tactical, perfect for a evening couch beer and pizza with friends. #jeresteobjectifquandmeme #thanksforthegiftguys
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Product received for free Chop chop! In An alternative future, a very strange competition confronts a group of wrestlers under the premise of ripping off the opponent's arms and legs. The stand-up will be the winner! But who came up with such barbarity? Well, as Jack the Ripper would say, let's go for parts. The proposal of the Brazilian-based Flux Game Studio is simple: A Death match in which participants are mutilated until one of them is made of bouillon cubes. Although It may sound original at first sight, it is clear that it feeds on past titles such as Time Killers and Bloodstorm, who already proposed duels of style, doing what they could with the graphics of the time. What tries to give a particular interest to GUTS is its gallery of characters, one rarer than the other. We Have from an ecologist lumberjack to a robot trying to impersonate human. There is Also a Soviet agent Ochentosa and an Asian girl with crab tongs. Oh, yes, we don't mention that point: all fighters have implants, so they carry deadly weapons in places where there should be limbs. This allows them to inflict lethal attacks on the opponent who can even rip off an arm or a leg from a single blow. For this, we need to load our GUTS, which is filling up as we grab steaks. At the same time, an action meter is also filled that will allow us to lift one end of the floor and heal ourselves or, if it belongs to an opponent, Revoleársela by the head. To help us dismember the opponent we have the traps of the stage. Unlike other fighting games in which these extra issues are complementary to combat, here is key to master well the saws, cylinders with spikes and even cars at full speed that populate the scenarios to succeed on the rival or at least , keep us alive. Given that the competition is televised in this dystopian, the entire interface of GUTS is posed like that of a TV program. Even the single-player campaign, already from the name, indicates that we are going for the 50 season of the broadcast. This helps to give an aesthetic proposal to an idea that would otherwise be difficult. All the coldness of the matter emphasizes the ridicule of a combat game with dismembered characters in a way that is unique in its genre. You Can read the complete analysis here: http://www.irrompibles.net/secciones/reviews/9120-guts-review
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