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Harvest Life

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Your grandpa left you a small farm which you can literally watch crumbling to pieces. Are you going to throw the helve after the hatchet or are going to roll up your sleeves and lead your farm to new glory?

In this well-balanced mix of time management games and farm simulation with exciting mini games you will face difficult decisions on a daily basis. Cultivate new fields and take very good care of your animals. Don't let the idyll fool you! Deep in the forest the wolves are already for their chance to strike!
To keep expanding your farm you have to make a profit selling your products in your farm shop. The villagers will show you exactly how happy they are with your work. Show them how much of a farmer you are and become the country's biggest organic farmer.

  • Create your own farm and expand it
  • Show your skills as an organic farmer
  • Master a great variety of exciting challenges
  • Produce fruits, vegetables, milk, and eggs
  • Breed pigs, cattle, chickens usw.
  • Face unexpected dangers such as wolves
  • Sell your products at a profit
  • Expand your farm by adding new buildings to unlock new functions
Release date
rokapublish GmbH
rokapublish, rokaplay
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (32/64bit versions)
  • Processor: Dual-Core: 2Ghz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 512MB
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Harvest Life reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Harvest Life The farming simulator from the Company bumblebee, although already published as a Full Release, still has a lot of Development Potential. As is often the case, you get a Farm as a Heritage and then you are supposed to farm and expand it. It is Comparable to the well-known Greats of the Genre such as Harvest Moon [www.amazon.de] and Stardew Valley, or newer Appearances such as Fantasy Farming: Orange Season. Gameplay As a Newcomer, you have to find your way around without a Tutorial. This is extremely charming, given The low Complexity of the Game, because you actually don't get Explanations and the Principle of "Learning by doing" applies. Of course, you grow Plants, use and/or sell them, expand the home Farm if Necessary and create typical Farm animals. The Whole thing happens more or less without much Effort, because after you have sown the Seed you can, but do not have to, pour the appropriate Fields or wait for Rain. Serckling is not yet a Plant-ever. The care of the Animals is Also a side Issue, because the Worst thing that can happen to you is that they do not lay Eggs or Give milk. Again: No Animal has starved to death yet. That also describes the Difficulty of this Game, because basically it's very simple. The Recovery Chain is also logical and obvious, so it does not require a large Brain Lard here. This continues in the Trading System, if you store the Yields in your own Farm shop and sell them to the Villagers almost automatically. For temporary Variety, a Visit to the City provides, if you want to upgrade your Tools or drive you around the Search for Treasure Chests in the Forest. Filling is a little more complex, but that too can easily be mastered. Graphics, Sound & Control The Graphics are more in comic style and the Division into Tiles leads to a certain Symetry of the World. Overall, the Characters seem cute and friendly, but the Animations are sometimes a bit sluggish and awkward. For the Genre as a whole, however, acceptable. The musical Accompaniment is atmospherically appropriate, but in the Long run too monotonous and boring. Other Representatives are better placed here. The Control with Mouse and Keyboard worked flawlessly, with the Controller (XBox Wireless 360) the Game partly did not cope with fast Interactions. There would be room for Improvement! Conclusion On The current State Of development of the Game (Version 1.8), the Game offers an entertaining Pastime, but misses the addictive Character of other Games of this Kind. In between, therefore, it is okay, but in the Long run there is no Motivation and a Goal. However, The Game, it must be used to benefit the Developers, is constantly evolving. In This respect, this Review is merely a Snapshot. But especially in View of the fact that you compete with The Likes of Stardew Vally, more should be offered for the Money. For Children, however, it is quite an interesting Introduction to the PC & Game World. I therefore recommend a Purchase only if the Game is offered in the Sale. For the same Price you get a more mature and demanding Game at the aforementioned Stardew Valley or, for example, at "Fantasy Farming: Orange Season" you still have the Opportunity to actively Influence the Development, as it is still in the early access. Definitely no Game for Everyone! My Review of Fantasy Farming: Orange Season My Review of My Time at Portia My Review of Graveyard Keeper If you're interested in more Reviews of me or want to support my Work, follow my Group und/or the Curation.
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