Heckabomb reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Unexpectedly nice twin stick shooter than that reminding me Asteroid Bounty Hunter, mainly gradation levels, where first we fly and crumble asteroids-earning points for improvement, and the next level just destroy the waves of enemies-trying to Survive a certain time, and so the whole game, periodically interspersed levels with bosses, invasions of aliens and duel with "Aom". Only Asteroid Bounty Hunter Representative Horizontal scrollers, there is a typical shoot'em up with a top view on the round arena. Pleases a large variety of opponents with the same great diversity of their attacks: you will fly everything from small asteroids and plasma clots causing a bit of a DMG, to homing missiles and mines that are at once two of your shields (and considering that the level is usually Starts with 2-4 Shields, it's half, and that's all, your KP). Well lined up levels where you need to fight, let's say we are given the goal to survive two minutes, during this time in certain seconds will appear certain groups of enemies, on the same level you can take a number and bombard enemies by beating lasers From afar, and next time let out on a minefield where already from the first seconds in you flies a volley from a dozen homing rockets that accordingly demands different approach and tactics of behaviour. And the whole gameplay consists of such subtleties: homing missiles we can shoot down our fire through the entire level, while the mines can not destroy the main weapon until they are activated, gradually in the game appear opponents not just shooting at The place where you are, and beating "in advance" in the place where you will fly, if you keep the speed and direction, and the farther, the more such opponents and the better they calculate your movements, before each level only we choose-to spend points on Additional. Shields and bombs or on so necessary improvements and purchase of various additional weapons to choose the right depending on the level that is to be-during the game all this and much more have to analyze in a fraction of a second, this and gives those necessary sensations from excellent The hidden arcade gameplay that is in this game. There is no Plot as such, just a set of levels. The Music is unobtrusive and sometimes perfectly complements the doers on the screen. I Do not know how to control the controller and problems with looped vibration, but the keyboard is a classic scheme: WASD is responsible for the movement of the ship, mouse for the direction of fire, depending on the simultaneously clamped keys have 8 directions of movement According to the classic octagonal "Wind Rose", of course, requires habitations at first, but then nothing prevents you to quickly react and leave the shells in the millimeter of the collision, which is to do the whole game, if you want to survive... The visual series has both pros and cons, special effects juicy, on the screen occurs at once a lot of things, minus in the fact that behind all this you need to watch, not to miss your ship chasing a rocket that will carry you with a single hit. And here is the main problem, after which you immediately understand the negative reviews of the game-the game is too long color gamma. Sometimes you run to a level with a light "background", opponents who let you into the white homing missiles-on the result you are either looking at any feeding signs of motion point on the screen, or die not knowing what. The same story with an excessively dark background and ships launching a swarm of small black rockets, which are already accurate and not visible. As a result, with a long game, from constant attempts to consider the special effects of all the important details in such a range of shades-you experience almost physical discomfort. You can either get off or take breaks often. Total: A great arcade game to which you need to get used to, will surely throw you a shuttle and fully will experience your concentration, and in return will take pleasure in a couple of evenings.