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Helen's Mysterious Castle

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As this game was created using RPG Maker, the following features exclusive to the RPG Maker engine listed below can be used.
To take a screenshot using the Steam Overlay feature, please change the function key to any key other than F12.
  • F12: Reset the game
  • Alt + Enter: Toggle Full screen/Window mode

Helen knows little about who she is―or even where she is―and she's dying to find out more. Stranded on a floating island with a labyrinthine castle just begging to be explored, Helen lets her curiosity get the better of her. Fortunately for Helen, she's more than capable of taking care of herself.
Armed with a plethora of weapons she finds along the way on her journey, Helen must battle monsters, collect new equipment, and uncover the many secrets of her mysterious home.

Helen spends the game fighting on her own, and she wouldn't have it any other way. Using the game’s unique 1-on-1 combat system, Helen can collect weapons and toggle between them during battle as the situation dictates.
Take advantage of the passage of time and knowledge of your opponents to quickly swap in the right weapon for the job and finish off your foes before they have the chance to react.

Enhance weapons using experience points collected from defeated enemies, collect new weapons hidden deep inside the labyrinth, and put together the ultimate arsenal.
Equip and upgrade weapons of all shapes and sizes―from bows and shields, to broadswords and devastating magic spells. Learning when to use each weapon is the ultimate key to victory.

Our heroine. A girl of few words.
A man who lives with Helen.
The Demon King
Ruler of the terrifying Four Lords.
Undead Knight
He seems to appear wherever Helen goes.
Another adventuring hero.
The Fairy
The hero Zack's attendant.Death is not the End.
Death can come swiftly in the world of Helen's Mysterious Castle―but it's not the end of the adventure. Every time Helen perishes, she'll reawaken in the cabin with a piping hot Salisbury steak ready to be eaten. Gobbling up this delicious meal will grant a permanent increase to her lifeline, rendering otherwise-unbeatable foes just a little bit easier.FAQFAQ
Q. Does Helen level up?
A. While Helen herself does not level up, her items can be enhanced using experience points.

Q. There is a glitch or aspect ratio issue in the game.
A. Please switch to Window mode by pressing F4 or Alt + Enter.

Q. Is there a game manual?
A. There is a ReadMe file available inside your Steam directory:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Helen's Mysterious Castle\helen

Q. Why does the Japanese version crash?
A. The Japanese-language coding in this game runs only on Japanese system locales. If you want to play the game in Japanese and it crashes, please change your system locale to Japanese.

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Helen's Mysterious Castle reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
----Please don't be surprised because of my Playing Time. I played offline.----Helen's Mysterious Castle played out a little differently than I expected. Behind the cute Façade lies a small, Battle-heavy Role-playing game. The Fights make you feel Good, but they are also often quite crisp. At this Point a little Tip: You can improve your Weapons in The Inventory with Experience points, later also with The Blacksmith. The Combat System is based on Action Points. A Stroke with the Broadsword, for example, requires 14 "Moves," a Shot with the Longbow only 5. For This, the Broadsword is much stronger in its right and brings strong defensive Bonuses. A Spell is damaged the most, it takes forever for it to run and you don't have any Defense. The whole thing then seems like a little Chess Game, because the Opponent counters his own Moves. You have a Spell at the Beginning? Then he just attacks with his Sword and causes complete Damage every time, because you don't have any Defense. So, for example, at the Beginning you use a Bow so that the Opponent gets the Shield out and then acts a Spell that penetrates the Defense. = > Since the Bow consumes fewer Action Points than the Opponent's Shield, it holds up the Shield for a While, while you can conjure in Peace. So you have a little Advantage. Since the Game is very battle-heavy, it doesn't hold up much with the Narrative of a Story. Sure, she exists and she's not bad either, but she takes a Back seat at the Game after all. I don't want to say Anything about the Story itself, as I don't want to spoil. In order to advance in the Game, it is sometimes necessary to solve minor Puzzles or to find hidden Paths (in Walls or the like). At one Point, unfortunately, it was quite different to find the Path. In about 6-7 Hours you have fought all the Fights, discovered all the hidden Paths and can think in The End Credits about what a wonderful little Game Helen's Mysterious Castle is. Because it plays very entertaining and wonderfully different from the Stardard RPG maker games. And it's definitely worth its £2.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Helen'S Mysterious Castle is a classic RPG whose Combat System is based on combat 1vs1. As always, there is a Summary below:D Gameplay The Dungeons are inspired by classic RPGs such as Lufia2. Consequently, Dungeons has all sorts of Secrets to discover and Puzzles to solve. It is not uncommon for you to really get on through a Secret Passage or to have to solve a Mystery. There are Also Treasures to be found. Most Of these are Weapons that can be upgraded up to ten Times. The Heroine cannot rise in Level or learn Skills on their own, as usual in RPGs. As a Result, their Combat Skills depend entirely on the up to eight Items you can find anywhere. If you already have eight and find another, you have to throw away one worn one. This can then be resumed in a special Room. The Item retains Its Level here. As mentioned above, this Sewing can be Set up. This is done by the experience gained from Fighting. This either increases the deoffensive value of Weapons or Shields or reduces the waiting Time to Use. It depends on the Item you upgrade. Should you lose a Fight once, it's not directly called Game Over. You can end up either in Bed at home or in the INN and can collect a Pair of EXP on the Way to a New Trial. Soundtrack, Graphics The Soundtrack is consistently worth listening to and fits the Game. The Graphic is in the Style of the RTP of the RM2k. However, many Elements have been added afterwards without triggering a Break in style. Summary Pro: Struggles with tactical Depth dungeons are consistently successful class Optics and Soundtrack no real Game over after Defeat counter: The Steak you get in defeat and that is supposed to increase the maximum HP doesn't work properly. Story somewhat faintly Conclusion Helen'S Mysterious Castle is a Game aimed at Fans of classic RPGs without being graphically weak. The Gameplay is generally kept quite fruit-free without the Fighting appearing too lax. Those who are not deterred by the RTP Optics will find a real Pearl of Game here and that for a lousy €1.99n. From me, therefore, a clear Buy recommendation.
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