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Crown Champion: Legends of the Arena

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A Realm Divided We stand at the death of an empire. For three hundred years, the eight cities of the Crownlands have been ruled by the ancient throne of Aldmoor. Now the northern earls have risen up in revolt, and King Darius has been overthrown and executed by his own royal council. His former marshall Ademar has seized the crown, while much of the realm has returned to the days of squabbling petty kingdoms. In chaotic times such as these, it is possible for even a lowly commoner to rise high in the world. The people cry out for blood and entertainment. The brutal games of the arena provide both in equal measure. Now is your chance to establish a house and train a worthy team of fighting slaves who might someday compete in the grandest of all arenas. Their glory will be your glory. Before the sun sets on this once-mighty empire, there is still time to carve out a legacy in blood and steel ... About the GameFrom the creators of The Deed, The Deed: Dynasty and the Space Pilgrim Saga comes a fantasy RPG/Management simulator set in the ruthless world of gladiatorial combat. In Crown Champion: Legends of the Arena you are not a hero, a noble ruler, or even a combatant. Instead, you are the new owner of a team of fighting slaves, one of the many factions who compete for the adoration of the common people in the ancient storied arenas of the Crownlands. Your task will be to oversee the training of your fighters and build your estate into an effective school of combat, all while trying to enhance your personal reputation and standing among the nobles of the realm. This is an expensive business, and the king demands his taxes - so you must make sure to manage your treasury with care and attention. Glory awaits those with a bold heart and a steadfast mind, as well as a place for their faction among the legends of the arena ... Features Inherit a dilapidated estate and a couple of fledgling fighters, and then over time develop it into a prestigious academy for your team of fighting slaves. Restore the ruined buildings and hire new staff to serve your every need, from doctors and trainers to cooks and scribes. Progress through twelve arenas and dozens of opponents to reach the royal arena in the city of Aldmoor, where your slaves will fight for the glory of the king and queen. Develop relationships with whichever fighters you choose to acquire from the slave ship, each of whom comes with a unique personality and a fully fleshed-out backstory. Train your fighters and purchase new and stronger equipment as your fortunes increase, progressing through shortswords and basic leather coverings to halberds and full plate armour. As your reputation grows you can also choose to become engaged with the turbulent politics of the realm, following a series of 'choice and consequence' based storylines and meeting many important characters along the way. And of course, you must have a life outside of the arena. Find a husband or wife to share in your glory. Build stables and start keeping a team of racing horses to bring more money into your household. Forge a legacy to last the ages.
Release date
Oct 21, 2016
Pilgrim Adventures
Age rating
Not rated
System requirements for PC
  • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 600 MB available space
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Translated by
Microsoft from French
I was very surprised by Crown Champion: Legends of the arena. I was expecting a game of tactics, which it is not at all, and management, in which it is very limited, or it is essentially relational management with dialogues, mini-quests and some choices that make me feel this game as falling rather from the RPG-light type. No tactics, not since the fights are solved in automatic and the only influence that one has is in the choice of the fighter and his equipment. Management Yes since there are quite a few parameters to be taken into account in order not to make bankruptcy and that we will have to find a compromise between development of the domain, progression of the fighters, their potential releases and control of the reputation which gives access to more prestigious tournaments so riskier. But this management remains limited, we will buy some buildings and, for each, hire a person to deal with it then we will have a possibility to boost the effectiveness of this person. In 3 actions one folded each branch of the development of the domain. The estate will accommodate a maximum of 4 fighters equipped basically at the village merchant initially and then on the field for sophisticated equipment. The development of a fighter is classic with gaining experience mainly during victories, a bit through training then at high level by purchase from a specialist unlocked quite late in the game. But apart from choosing the class for recruitment, the player has no control over the development that follows a predetermined progression for each class. Since you do not have access to detailed stats or a history or even a simple schedule of tournaments, we will sail a little to view in all areas. The strong point of this game is ultimately the management of the relationship with the fighters and the discovery of their personal history through dialogues as well as the gradual discovery of the history of this world by some dialogues with a little everyone for a simplified version and obtaining books for a detailed version. Note that this strong point may seem a little wobbling in terms of ambience, because it seems a little space to make friend-friend at this point with slaves that we send to death (theoretically because very rare in fact, I have not had in the course of my part , as soon as we have a doctor the worst defeats translates into a few days of ITT). But hey, it's still a video game, difficult to make anything a bit complex in a few exchanges of short sentences. Complicated to give an opinion on this game. I will recommend it at a low price for those who like the RPG genre where we walk around to discover the history of a world and people who populate it knowing that the world of Crown Champion LoA is still very limited and the interface of the game not very pleasant.
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