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The Deed: Dynasty

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The Deed is a game in which you must commit a murder and then, through a process of making the right choices and planting the appropriate evidence, convince the authorities of your innocence and somebody else's guilt. The stand-alone expansion Dynasty offers three new scenarios based on this original concept.

Taking place in three different eras, each of these new scenarios allows you to explore the sordid ancestry of the Bruce family as you take control of a character who aims to commit a murder and escape free of suspicion by framing one of the other characters in the game. You will explore a 15th century English castle and a wild west frontier saloon, before finally returning to Dunshiel House fifty years prior to the events of the original game.

Just as in The Deed, every decision you make can influence the outcome and lead to one of many possible endings, which are even more varied and numerous this time. There are many ways to do the deed, multiple pieces of evidence to use to your advantage and a wide selection of characters to frame for your crime.

  • Explore the Setting

    This expansion aims to provide richer and more varied environments which immerse the player in the various historical time periods of the game, whether it's Medieval England under the reign of Henry IV, a violent frontier town in the Old West or a grand old estate in the Victorian era.

  • Meet the Characters

    Each scenario contains a number of non-player characters, some of whom are based on real historical figures, and almost all of whom can be framed for the murder. The conversation system has been developed and improved, offering a greater amount of control for the player and more branching options which will lead to a more unique experience every time.

  • Choose the Murder Weapon

    Choose from various murder weapons appropriate to the time period in which you find yourself, whether it's a medieval greatsword, a pair of household scissors or a good old-fashioned six-shooter. Figure out which method of murder is likely to point towards a character other than yourself.

  • Plant the Evidence

    Items of evidence can be used in multiple ways to raise the suspicion of the authorities. Think carefully about which piece of evidence could be used to frame which characters, depending on where you plant it.

  • Face the Authorities

    There's no question that the stakes are higher this time. Life in prison is one thing - but what about finding yourself on the headsman's block or strung up at the gallows for a grisly public execution?

    Life could be brutal in the olden times, and so could the death of a convicted criminal. Can you manage to do the deed while also avoiding such a terrible fate?
Release date
Pilgrim Adventures
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium III 800 Mhz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Storage: 350 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Generic
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Last Modified: Jul 10, 2023

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Nov 4, 2019
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Nov 4, 2019
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완전범죄게임 [더 디드] 에피소드2 주홍 아가씨
Nov 4, 2019
뭐가 문제인지 아시는 분, 훈수 받습니다! 더 디드: 다이너스티 하편 (The Deed: Dynasty)
Nov 5, 2019
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완전범죄게임 [더 디드] 에피소드3(완) 선홍의 화환
Nov 4, 2019
Sep 4, 2016
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Sir John de Ashton is found guilty.
1868: The Prostitute
Pearl is found guilty.
1868: The Preacher
Father Augustine is found guilty.
1401: All Ends Well
Governor Woolsey took his own life.
1895: Connoisseur
Use the corkscrew as a murder weapon.
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The Deed: Dynasty reviews and comments

"The Deed: Dynasty" may be considered an improved version of "The Deed." This time we have three little scenarios, at different times periods, and therefore three murders to complete. More weapons to choose from, more characters to interact with, and more endings, compared to The Deed, which gives it a good life span. This game is also low cost. Recommended to those who liked The Deed.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
This is an interesting and original game! It offers 3 stories in which your character will have to perform his revenge by making sure that his nemesis dies in one way or another, and trying to get you out of it innocenté. The first phase of each part consists of wandering around the premises, interviewing people, finding the weapon of the (future) crime and making evidence. The second part is to proceed with the Elimination of your target with the two objects that you have gathered. Finally, the third part is the investigation of the Sheriff/policeman. But beware: anything you say-or have already said-can be held against you! It is not just a question of finding the right weapon and the right evidence to accuse someone, but everything will have to be coherent. Mine of nothing, this game is not so easy and it will probably take several tries to achieve your ends. Replayability is interesting since you can always try to kill your victim differently, and accuse someone else (or even make sure that no culprit is found).
Translated by
Microsoft from French
For people who have not yet played the deed, start with the deed, it costs less and you will see if the concept pleases you before coming back. Honestly, given its price, it's worth it (a demo at €0.70, it passes)... For the others (the Veterans of the little sister murder), the deed: dynasty, it's three scenarios with the same sauce as the deed: talking with people, picking up two objects, killing the target, talking to an investigator and getting arrested to accuse someone else. The positive point is that the dialogues, the personality of the NPCs, and the ambiance (middle ages, far-West, and Victorian England) are still as good. We are committed to NPCs, and we are surprised to hesitate to bring back suspicions about one, which deserves better than that. In addition, it is a pleasure to find the Bruce family and its heredity charged with premature death... On the other hand, the game is more difficult than his elder: where you could make some mistakes in the deed, here you are almost sure to get caught at the slightest misstep (at the same time you are the No. 1 suspect in each case). It increases the lifespan, but makes the game sometimes frustrating, when you click Next... Yet another criticism: as in the deed, there is no "real" good end. It's a bias, but it's still a little sad. Another negative point, (decidedly) l: apart from the third scenario, we do not find the "Agatha Christie" side of the basic game (isolated British Manor, classy domestic, skeletons in closets). It proves that the work on the atmospheres is well done, but I miss it. In summary, here we are clearly dealing with a the deed X3 which exacerbates the qualities, but also the flaws of its predecessor. It's up to you to see if you liked the first one or not. If so, you will be in known terrain; If not, ditto. Ah and the game is only available in English not subtitled, for the convinced anglophobes.
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