Hell Let Loose reviews

Concise Review:
Slow, very slow but when it hits its hits hard. The “HLL moments” are unlike other shooters and a ton of fun.

Journal Style Review:

The concept and idea of this game is very cool. A more grounded WW2 sim sounds like something I’d really enjoy. The review scores aren’t great but when I watched a couple review videos there were some real positives and really looks a game that will have its niche market.  So when the game went on sale for ~30$ and I had just finished Elden Ring this was the perfect time to give it a shot. First night I didn’t like it. Two main issues. Movement and gunplay feels clunky, probably the movement more than the gunplay but the general feel of the game is stiff. I get the game is slower, I’m fine with that but slow doesn’t mean stiff. The other complaint, which I heard a lot about prior to playing, is there are a lot of lives I run across a large distance to get to battle and then die without seeing anybody. One game I started 6-6 and then ended up 7-23. That was painful. 

Day 2 was much improved. I tried out a few different roles and weapons and had a lot more success. I’m also understanding the game mechanics and objectives more which is big. Biggest issues are the movement is bad. It feels like you get caught on every little corner or stick on the ground. Also the jump is maybe a 2 inch vertical and the vault is janky as well. I do like the feel of the guns though. Seeing an enemy across a field and firing a few M1 Garland shots to see him drop is great. I never thought I’d like the fact that there aren’t hot markers or even a kill feed but somehow it works for this game. It adds to the suspense when you don’t actually know if you got a kill until you have a safe moment to check the scoreboard (unless you get that headshot helmet ping). The vibe in HLL is unique and I’m having fun. I had a game where I went 18-13 and it was a lot of fun. Each kill right now is very satisfying.

Another aspect I’m enjoying is listening to the game chat of squad leaders. It’s funny hearing people take it seriously and treat it like war. There’s been some funny commentary that’s added to the entertainment.

Okay this game is great. It’s a lot of fun. Every day I play I’m getting the hang of it more and enjoying it more and more. I’ve started to try to be a squad leader and other important roles and I’m liking it.

Had my most talkative squad leader. Guy kept saying he was a retired military sergeant. He might of been. It was funny though. Constantly barking orders, and you know what, we did really well. He was a bit too slow and methodical for my liking but it did work. This game is best when you fully embrace it.

Now to talk about some negatives again. You need a full match. I played a few rounds that were only halfish full and it doesn’t play well. Second, you need to be in the right mood and you can’t just mindlessly run into combat. I had a couple games where the enemy was very well set up and I went like 7-25. It was awful. Spawn, run towards the cap point, die. Repeat. I’m justifying it by thinking I’m playing the objective but in reality I’m serving no purpose and having no fun. I need to remind myself to take it slow. Think about where to go and to actually take moments to slow down and look. Also we didn’t have good commander/SL chat going which was probably a factor.

I’ve played a decent amount now, level 3 on most of the infinitely classes. I’m really happy I bought this game. It’s unique and I’ve had a fun time with it. You need to be in a mood and there are definitely some games that can get frustrating if you team gets pinned or just sucks in general but if you have an even match it can be amazing. This game has the best “hidden behind enemy lines” vibes out of any game I’ve played. The suppression system is also excellent. And honestly I think the gunplay is great as well.

I think I’m going to put this game down for now with the intention on coming back with later updates. It’s starting to get a bit repetitive and it’s the type of game where you really need to be invested if you’re going to have fun. When console gets the Russian maps I’ll come back. 

Final Score: B+