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Hero and Daughter+

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This is the classic story of good old Ralph, the legendary hero from RPG Maker VX Ace, on his quest to defeat the diabolical Demon Lord. Ralph has been reduced to Level 1, and must rely on a cast of ladies straight out of the daydreams of the game's creator in order to succeed on his quest! Hero and Daughter+ is a game about serious dungeon crawling, fun-loving comedy, and beautiful, powerful girls!

The first Japanese RPG Maker game to be fully translated and made available on Steam for an English audience, Hero and Daughter+ received the top prize at the NikoNiko Indie Game Festival - Japan's biggest indie game contest! Mr. Koichi Nakamura, the creator of the Dragon Quest series and Mystery Dungeon: Shiren The Wanderer, gave Hero and Daughter+ high praise!

  • A quirky RPG where the hero is severely underpowered
  • Summon over 30 powerful, talented, and magical girls to do all your fighting for you
  • Use stat boosts to help Ralph survive his harrowing, heroic journey
  • More than 10 hours of storyline play with enough side quests and features to keep you in the game for as long as you want
  • Defeat the Challenge Tower's 9,999 levels... Good luck with that
  • Tons of items, weapons, and armor to keep your team safe as they lunge forward into dangerous dungeons
  • Customizable and upgradable player housing
  • A heavy focus on character interactions with lots of special scenes for each playable character
  • Full of humor that plays spectacularly on RPG tropes
  • Warning: Some of the female characters are scantily clad - may not be suitable for children

The asset pack of Hero and Daughter+ for RPG Maker VX ACE is available as FREE DLC!
Release date
Den-fami Nico Game Magazine
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP or Higher
  • Processor: 1ghz
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Storage: 300 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Maou down
Beat the Dark Lord.
Love Ya!
Build enough affection with a girl to see a special scene and illustration.
My First Summon
Summon a girl for the first time.
My Dream Home
Acquire a Home Sweet Home.
Birth of a Level 1 Hero
Ralph's level was reduced to 1!
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Hero and Daughter+ reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Have You ever wondered what happens to heroes when they reach the top of fame? Get Acquainted, Ralph. He saved countless times the worlds, peoples and continents. His idolized, he admired him... Envied? Even The famous heroes are not protected from betrayal, and now he must obey the will of the Mad King and once again save the world, losing all his strength. All He can hope for is the help of a mysterious mage with mysterious powers... Can the famous warrior become a famous commander, gather under his team of the strongest warriors of his and other worlds and prove that the level is the last thing that determines the hero?
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Looks standart, has humor This game is suprisingly charming even if it uses normal textures that are used in almost every RPG Maker Game, But still it has its fun moments and has some nice ideas like Random Generation, Town Leveling, Housing, it attempts way more then most other RPG Maker games sooo is it worth its price? Its hard to talk about the prize i personaly wouldnt say its worth it since it doesnt give enough good gameplay like a game like "To the Moon" gives i still would say take it if its on sale but i wouldnt pay 9,99 $ for it Non or less ... it is charming and really nice written but it simply feels a bit low on design to me lvls could be a bit more "fancy" and some levels look a bit generic Still the story is good and you will have your laughs for its money so i wouldnt say if you seek RPG Maker games in generall you can buy it without any risk. All others you can wait its not a game you would regret playing a bit later.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
At first I watched the Game and thought to myself so part. The Trailer was so Original That I thought to myself I just get myself. And when I played it, I was very surprised. The Game is simply a super RPG Maker title. Despite free-spirited Characters (which is and GIVES in most AAA titles or MMORPGS anyway), the Characters are pretty well thought out and have matching Skills that can make the Fight very interesting and with matching Spells to an interesting Hero Group come together. You can also look forward to interesting village defenses. Where you can play heroes without the initially useless Level 1, but from a randomly diced Group of Women. The Conversations regarding "Flirting" are usually very funny and also reward the Player for Leveling the Characters. Conclusion: A Game that keeps what the Trailer promises and is a pleasant entertainment for in between. PS: The Gameplay is worth the constant Legal Work to have the game in the Library.
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