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Highway to the Moon

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Highway to the Moon is a fast-paced scrolling arcade shooter where you take control of Jacob Helaway, stunt man and thrill-seeker extraordinaire, as he makes his way to the Moon in pursuit of the interstellar criminal known only as the Moon Man. You’ll have your work cut out for you though, because between the Unger Max Gang, Air Traffic Control, Alien Affairs, and Leadersquad, it looks like everyone wants a piece of the Moon Man.

One of this game’s defining features is the highway that it takes place on. The player must do what they can to keep Jake on it while destroying whatever gets in his way. A tall order under normal circumstances, but luckily, Jake has an ace up his sleeve: the Phase Shifter. Using the Phase Shifter, Jake can phase in and out of existence, becoming intangible and unaffected by physics. This allows him not only to fly over gaps in the road but also to pass through bullets unharmed. Using this ability in conjunction with a myriad of powerful and unique weapons, Jake might just get to the Moon Man first. Are you ready to fight your way to the Moon?

• Use the Phase Shifter to dodge enemy attacks and cross gaps in the road.
• Lay down waves of destructive force with all sorts of varied and unique weaponry
• Fight complex and engaging Bosses
• Customize your gameplay experience using the Reality Alternator
• Unlock new weapons, characters, and more as you play!

Compatible with Windows (XP and up)
Playable with Xbox 360 controller or Keyboard and Mouse
Release date
Vernacular Games
Vernacular Games
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: XP SP 2
  • Graphics: OpenGl 1.4 or higher compatible Graphics Card
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Scarlet Destroyer
Defeat Leader Red.
Neophyte Collector
Collect every Basic Weapon at least once in one level.
5 Bullets or 6?
Run out of ammo once.
Phase for Days
Get 200% Phase.
Enter Level 1
Enter Level 1.
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Highway to the Moon reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Powerful meat toy in which action every second and perfect sound effects. Enemies incredible quantity and constant drops of various weapons with corpses will never let you relax. With the control of the sins came out, written WASD moving, and actually worked only arrows and extremely uncomfortable to reach for Q/E. The Main attribute of the game is the SHIFT key, which makes invulnerable, allows a lot of things to finish and pass the steep bridges. Meat Lovers on the screen is required to buy!
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
An Original and interesting scrolling shooter. Only here we will not as usual to fly by plane, or helicopter, or starship-here we will go on a motorcycle. Well and as it should be necessary for us all to Hyyarit on full program. The Game is very easy, because you are given initially 5 lives, but if they run out, you start with a checkpoint. Just not a lot of difficulty attached to the game, that you are not in the sky, and eat on the road, and it is constantly cut off, so you need to watch not only for the goats, which you have to do, but also for the road. The game has a lot of achievements, fans to mine achievements just on hand and collectible cards. Graphics in the game Pixel, a la 8-bit prefix Sega, and music corresponding to the graphics and the game itself. Below you will find five-minute video of Gemplya-it is better to see 1 time than to read a hundred times) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7pYxgtYHA8
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Has given Me to try it because I had no reviews, thinking that I would send to the Games folder never to look again, and has been surprised me. It Is a difficult game, in which you have to go inside the margin of the road, shooting as a poser killing everything that crosses you, avoiding collide with them and using a kind of jump in a mill that runs out of the road. Once in a while you'll receive special armaments. The enemy shoots 3 types of projectiles: 1-The most numerous can be with your own ammunition, but you are so distracted from collide with them and stop those projectiles, which recives of others that are more damaging. 2-They Are less common but they do more pupa 3-These Use only the boss type end of phase, and one of these is enough to pop you. Graphically this Obsoletillo, but it is very addictive. I Would do well a facelift graphically, but in two and a half years I am the second that makes a review, so I guess not many have given a chance, they will have taken the cards with bots and something else. Very important, I have played with command. Keyboard must be crazy.
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