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Can you build a vibrant settlement, lead your people to prosperity, and tame the wild Hinterland?
  • Party-based RPG Action — A variety of characters, weapons, and strategies are at your disposal -- will you lead the charge with a devastating two-handed strike, or stand behind the herder in plate mail with your trusty bow?
  • Town Building — Choose your settlers from a huge cast of characters and arm them for defense, or give them tools for production.
  • Character Development — Develop lowly farmers into great warriors and customize your character with a variety of specializations.
  • Random fantasy world — Each game of Hinterland takes place in a new location with different resources, items, and challenges. Different challenges feature a range of enemies, including orc war camps, dark elf raiding parties, goblin infested mines, ruined cities filled with undead, and more.
  • Customizable Gameplay — From a hardcore game to a world without raiders you make the choice about the type of game you want to play.
Hinterland is a new type of role-playing strategy game from the developers of Children of the Nile™, Caesar IV™, and SimCity Societies™.
Release date
Tilted Mill Entertainment
Tilted Mill Entertainment
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • Supported OS: Windows® XP or Vista
  • Processor: 1.8 GHz processor or higher
  • System Memory: 512 MB RAM Windows XP® (1 GB for Windows® Vista)
  • Video Card: 64 MB DirectX 8.1 compatible card
  • Hard Disk: 350 MB uncompressed free hard drive space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Win without Lord Dying (Hardcore). (Req:Long, Raiders)
Attain level 12
Win without any townspeople or party members dying. (Req:Long, HC/Difficult, Raiders)
Lone Wolf
Win without ever having anyone join party. (Req:Long, HC/Difficult, Raiders)
Win without fulfilling a request. (Req:Long, HC/Difficult, Raiders)
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Highlight: Hinterland 01 The tale of Nil Gameplay 01
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Hinterland reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Ingenious Game idea that unfortunately offers too little Variety in order to motivate in the Long run. We must Open up a wild Land for our King. To do this, we initially select our Type of hero and regulate Options that determine the Flow of the game, such as The size of the Map, Difficulty level, etc. Then we find ourselves in front of the Entrance Of our Main Building in an inhospitable Area. Here Hikers gather, Which we can recruit and put in houses built for them. There they pursue their Profession and contribute to satisfying the Needs of our Settlement. In Addition, we can also recruit them so that they fight alongside us. The King sends us a Request every few Days that we should fulfill so as not to lose his Favor. To defeat the inhospitable Land, we must destroy all Enemy Camps (NPC) camps. Every time The Game starts, the map is regenerated, so resources are in different Positions each time, this in turn has an Impact on how early we can take our Settlement in a certain Direction. The Opponent (NPC) bearings are only Squares on the Map with x Opponents. Once these are dead, we have pacified this Camp. Unfortunately, Building and Managing the Economy is very rudimentary. If this Part of the Game had more (or any) relevance, it would add a lot to the Fun of the Game.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Just briefly: I really didn't think the Game would appeal to me like that after all. You get a Game here which almost manages TO connect RPG and RTS well. So you get served a Kind of Diablo-Siedler-Dungeon Keeper Mix here that's really Fun! Unfortunately, one notices from front to back that here you didn't know exactly how to deal with the Idea and so you finally get a Game that doesn't seem to be quite finished, because this randomly generated world is more of a Joke. Here are small Areas peppered with 5-7 Opponents spread out on the Map and that's it. You just rattle them off and when this has happened you have already won. The Village construction has also become quite interesting, but it is precisely this one that is not quite mature. Something is simply missing here, because just waiting for new People who have the right Job for you and to place a House (which only Needs money) seems a bit drying. Could it not have been possible to implement other Features such as free and undefined house Construction? Or the Construction of Walls would also have been damn knnieke. Oh Ever ... So much Potential was really given away here in the end! I just hope that at some point someone picks up on this Idea again and then gets it right, so that you have fun with it more than just 10h, because once you have seen everything here (and you have to play through that for the first time), then somehow you don't have any Desire yet Playing the Game a second time. No, not even because of the Soundtrack That really nice to listen to, I would just start the Game like that again. If you're just looking for the Achievements here, I can tell you, you're missing the Game of something right. Especially when you try to get all The achievements up once. It is really very archly of the Developers to incorporate only such completely brain-cracked achievements.
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