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Hitman 2

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Hitman 2 is the seventh game in its series. It is the sequel to Hitman and a prequel to all other entries of the franchise. Plot As with all Hitman series, the game follows Agent 47, a hitman for hire and a member of a secret assassins' organization called International Contract Agency. His missions are tied together by a story that continues the plot of 2016's Hitman. The protagonist is searching for an anonymous opponent known as Shadow Client, who was also the main antagonist of the previous game. Hitman 2 also provides insight into Agent 47's mysterious past. The hunt for Shadow Client and his militia takes Agent 47 to new locations, such as a motor race on the sunny streets of Miami and a deadly tropical rainforest in Colombia. Gameplay As usual for Hitman series, the player controls Agent 47 from the third person view (switching to the first person when using sniper rifles) in a 3D environment. The game consists of several missions in which the protagonist has to assassinate various targets around the world using non-conventional tactics, stealth, and camouflage. Hitman 2 features an advanced crowd AI and an improved stealth system that allows the player to hide between the trees and in the crowd. The game also features new weapons, such as concussion gadgets that the player can use to knock people out. Multiplayer The game introduces a new mode called Sniper Assassin that allows the players to cooperate online.
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Release date
Nov 13, 2018
IO Interactive
Warner Bros. Interactive
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Not rated
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A positive sequel while retaining the amazing gaming experience of the original! Hitman 2 takes all the best qualities of the original "Hitman" game and builds on the experience.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
What a worthy Successor! This Game is even trickier than its Predecessor. You can play it in 3 different Levels of difficulty. Especially The Entry-level Mode is very practical for the Successes-In-game as well as that Of Steam. Because then you don't have to disable the cameras all the Time. The Targets are actually more Beige, because the Exploration and Collection of Storyinfo in the individual Levels hits the Core of the Game more. You can do The Kill when it fits well. It's like Reinventing memory and Puzzle. And the Storyline is like a Bottle of Wine, which you now draw the Cork to let it breathe. (May the next Part of the Game be mround.;)) Especially the Implementation of the legendary Briefcase, the Hit feeling really blossoms. Unfortunately, the Guards are so thrilled by it that they take him, whether full or empty. But that's not the only cool thing that's been inserted, you can now strike with Frying Pans and the roll Of Pasta sauce now also makes Gastenaua. Furthermore, it is refreshing not to have to kill all the Targets, but to first collect Information or leave them unharmed. However, IO Should have calmly made times n Tutorial Trailer for the Release. Because so slowly no one is rising through what Silver, Standard or the Gold Tradition really mean now. With regard To Level Size, I can only say that it was slowly getting a little too big for me. To do all the Success alone in Miami I needed over 4 Days. That's when I wanted the "hated" episode release Back. And there's "finally" a PvP mode. Having the Option on it is not bad, but whether Effort and Benefits are in a profitable Relationship ... I can live well without this "Gimmick" and would have preferred ne Map more. The only thing that wormes me n bit is that the Successes from the first Part are not transferred to the second and you can do everything again from scratch. YES, the first Part has been completely revised here and it doesn't hurt to chew it through completely again, but transferring BUT Databases is not really so difficult. The Sound ... well ... The Background Music is kept very thin. Except there is ingame Music, which then supports the Atmosphere very well again. And yes, I also miss Jesper Kyd but whether he would still fit into the Bigger Picture here is anyway another Leaf. Anyone who buys Hitman because of the fat Graphics or because they want to rumble around is wrong here. The Graphics really can't be lumped, but nowadays every Game Forge should get reasonable Graphics. On the contrary, the Question I would like to get involved in this Franchise for the Purchase Price is because it is coherent and beautifully raised and accommodates my Style of play and I therefore want to spend a nice Time with gambling. And I have not regretted that Decision. And for all The Undecided, let it give you away for Christmas, run away yeah net;) And now, here the Translation: This game is awesome!
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