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Hitogata Happa

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Shoot 'em up with the 3rd game in the Gundemonium Collection series. Hitogata Happa is considered one of the hardest doujin style shooters ever! – Unlike the first two games, Hiitogata Happa is a vertical scrolling upward shooter, the action in this game is a visual mish-mash of weaponry that will give your senses a total overload. Threatened by an invading army who is terrorizing the land, Rosa enlisted the magic of a witch, Kreutzer – who has charmed her own army of magic dolls, each with extreme power and crazy weapons. Use these dolls to take revenge on the invaders as you blast through six, intense stages. Choose from twelve playable characters (four unlockable), each with their own special abilities, and unlock secret game features.
Key features:
  • 6 stages of vertical-scrolling bullet insanity
  • Sweet old-school retro anime-style art
  • 8 playable characters, and 4 unlockable characters
  • 2 unlockable special modes
  • 13 Steam achievements
  • Full online leaderboards
  • New arranged soundtrack by Woofle
Release date
Platine Dispositif
Rockin Android
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • Operating system: Windows® XP, Vista, or Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel® 1 GHz Processor (Recommended: 2 GHz)
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM (Recommended: 512 MB RAM)
  • Hard disk space: 500MB
  • Video: DirectX® 9 level Graphics Card
  • Sound: DirectSound-compatible Sound Card
  • DirectX®: DirectX 9 or above
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Not An Unlucky Number
Finish the game in Destiny 13 mode.
Phantastique Tea Party
Defeat the true last boss.
Finish the game in Solo Voyage mode.
Doll Collector
Have 12 of every standard doll at one time.
1 in 64's not bad
Use the Sphere 13 doll.
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Reading a mango Part 1
Highlight: Hitogata Happa: Last boss simultaneous kill
When fancy patterns go horribly wrong.
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Hitogata Happa reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Hitogata Happa, the third game of the Gundemonium saga and included in the pack Gundemonium Collection. Unlike the above, this is not a horizontal Shot'em-Up game, but vertical. I Have my reasons for not recommending this game, the difficulty and the almost null instructions you get. At first when you start the game and you give New Game you will only go to a fast and humiliating death because Hitogata Happa is played differently from almost every Shot'em-Up in the industry. The game is based on a system of "Dolls", at the beginning give you 7 (or 8, do not remember) Leaves (Leaf being the name of the doll) which you have to manage well to be able to sacrifice. "Sacrificing" you wonder? Unlike the ' bombs ' of other games of this style, your Dolls (which are also your lives) are used as bombs, so the name of the game (Hitogata Happa means Humanoid Explosion). All this would not be so much trouble if the sacrifices were not the greatest source of damage you have at your disposal. As I had said before, the game sends you to battle without instructions or tutorials, so all the mechanics you have to learn you dying again and again. The history takes place in the year 1757, when the Reich Genoremasody dominates east of Prussia. The protagonist, Rosa Christopher loses her family in the war but with a strange girl named Kreutzer, use the Magic Dolls to stop the evil empire. The controls are pretty straightforward, Arrows to move, Z to shoot and X to use the special skill. Leaf's special ability is to be time-reduced (bullets move slower in order to maneuver better). You Have 2 bars at the top of the screen, these being Mana and Flow. Mana is used in the special skills of the Doll and Flow is used to prepare the sacrifice. They fill up collecting gems and shoot, respectively. You Can Use the gems collected to buy new types of Dolls, if you buy many times the same type of Doll the price of this is going up, so you have to vary. By the way, the game does not tell you what makes each doll apart from a small description, you have to buy, repeat the stages again and again to know how to play with each and have a stable team. The music is pretty energetic and nice, but not memorable. Personally the sound effects are not memorable (like the whole saga), but the Japanese voices of Dolls can deconcentrate a bit. The art is beautiful, typical game Doujin with anime style and the design of the characters is not so exaggerated. In Short, personally I find the worst of the saga (being Gundeadligne the best, in my opinion) due to the absurd difficulty and the few instructions you give. But If you feel like you want a real challenge, I recommend Hitogata Happa, but without first playing Gundemonium recollection and Gundeadligne.
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