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Hooligan Vasja

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Hooligan Vasja that is a colorful and entertaining time killer.

Your goal is to reach the roof, fighting with different opponents. There is a powerful boss just under the roof. Be careful, the obstacles are extremely dangerous but you can knock them down. The first level is easy but the following ones are progressively more difficult. The opponents become faster and meaner. Your weapon is a sturdy slingshot and firecrackers. Protect your friends who are helping you.FeaturesOnline Leaderboard, various achievements and collection cards will warm up your gaming experience.VasjaVasja is a hooligan. He is always up for some mischief.MashaGrammy Masha is a kind person but likes to spread gossip.StepanGramp Stepan is very grumpy and always displeased.SvetlanaSvetlana is a blonde girl neighbor who just loves herself.SlavikSlavik dreams of becoming a chef. A big foodie.ClownThe clown loves his job but hates children.
Release date
Trident Game Studio
Trident Game Studio
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP SP3
  • Processor: 1.5GHz or faster
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: onboard video with 512 MB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 50 MB available space
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Last Modified: Jul 29, 2023

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114 items
Finish a level without incurring any damage
Kill 250 gramps
Kill 5 enemies with 5 bullets
Defeat the Dogboss
Hit 50 cats jumping upon Vasja
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Hooligan Vasja reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Again Some strange game caught, even laughed a little from the absurdity of what is happening. The Addict has lost a sense of reality and while he is lying in his yard under the bench, he dreams that he runs up the gutter of the house in a thousand floors. Everything seems to be good, the sun shines, birds fly, hundred floors behind, but suddenly down with a whistle flies a brick. Raising his eyes, the addict sees the grandmother-God's dandelion, which, having folded hands a cross on a cross on a breast and having bent a head in a kerchief on a side, looks over points on a junkie and smiles. Smiling to her in response, the addict for a moment closes his eyes, and when he opens, sees the same grandmother, kissing bricks in the drug head. When he Gets away from the Babky bricks, the junkie pulls out the slingshot and kills the grandmother. But the grandmother, like Agent Smith from the Matrix, revives again and again, throwing into the addict all new and new shells. To Help granny Hurry grandfather, in four hands they arrange total bombardment. Behind all this watching strolling on the balcony of the cat, through some time it happens bored and he just rushes down, hoping to get into a junkie, the height of a hundred floors of the cat does not scare-he has 9 lives. Waking up at night from the cold and dampness all in the same yard, the addict is weaving home, and in the morning, Otosvshshy, writes the script of this game based on his adventures in the dream, shamefully changing the name on Vasya. In a dozen years, after the deafening success of Hooligan Wasey and in honor of the sold hundred millionth copy of the game, the author of the script, the dollar billionaire by then, convenes a press conference and admits that the Iron man Hooligan Vasya-it is him. The Author of the script ask not to be offended and not to take heart, it's just a joke
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Hooligan Vasja-The classic game time killer Platformernogo type with the movement of the screen up. Control of the game uncomplicated, but at the same time, a bit confusing for the first time confusing, because the ambiguous looks like a solution with the movement of our hooligan Vasya from right to left and back after the sight, but about it later, and now in order: The Essence of the game is That our Vaska is a simple urban playful teenager and here he pulled a hard run on the sewage storm pipes at home, and the goal-to get on this pipe to the roof, preliminary hitting the evil boss. On the way of our Basil come across all sorts of obstacles in the form of slopes, located for some reason on the drain pipe and threaten to throw our hero down (this is by the way the most dangerous kind of obstacles, not counting the boss, because life is given only one), also we Prevent walking on the dwarf cat, who are so well to jump off on Vasku and scratch him all the face, plus more grandmothers and nosrovayusut throw the boy sighting the flower pot in it. But our Vaska kid is not a blunder-he has a slingshot, with which he skillfully can shoot away from his offenders, and also in passing smashing neighboring forpoints, plus he can throw a very formidable weapon-firecrackers, stun and knocking all and all within the game Screen. In General, it would seem, with such an arsenal all easily and simply should be given to our hero, but there is one "BUT"-control of the game is not so simple, which I wrote in the introduction to the review-our Vaska moves to the right-left on the pipe, depending on the direction Sight, that is to be always very attentive to the milking of another old lady or sew a cat, not to run into an obstacle in the form of a slope, which completely deprives us KP, dropping down, on this game ends with our defeat. So, my CV: The game is very peculiar and even fun, but at the same time and very very hardcore. The Soundtrack though simple midi, but rather cheerful and not straining, graphics too for games of the genre corresponding. So by and large, with the availability of cards and a very affordable price, I would recommend this game to purchase.
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