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Hello! Thank you for checking out the game!

Horoscopicus GP is a 2D platformer where you collect all of the Zodiac signs!

It has a Gameboy color aesthetic to it which should bring back some memories!

(Best experienced in the android version since it has the full Gameboy to play with just like shown on some of the screenshots)

Each level is intended to be short/medium length and they are all playable in any order so choose your favorite sign and give it your best! :)

---In Development---

The game is being developed with the intention of an eventual release for Android and possibly Windows, the android version will be free with ads on the Playstore and the Windows version will be completely free!

I do have the Linux and OSX Version up but I can't provide any support for these because I do not own these machines, do tell me if there is any problem however and I will do my best to fix it!

Because of this work in progress nature, SAVES WILL BE DELETED whenever an update comes out, I apologize for the inconvenience.

There are a lot of things that aren't completed or fully polished yet (Currently only 2 levels out of 13) but I decided I wanted to release it a bit earlier because I wanted to get some feedback so that I can listen to some suggestions and improve the game before a final release!

I appreciate all the feedback I get so please do leave a comment or contact me on Discord if anything comes up!




Arrow keys to move and shift the camera.

Z to Jump.

X to Attack.

A to Pause.

S to open Settings.


The controls should all be on screen! :)


0.3- Early release! There were a couple of previous iterations of the project but this one was the one I felt was the most presentable one.

---What's left to do?---

-Adding the remaining levels.

-Sound effects and Music.

-Character upgrades displaying visually on the sprite.

-Tweaking the ledge grab.

-More content! :) 

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Last Modified: May 29, 2020

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