Hyper Dragon Ball Z

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Hyper Dragon Ball Z, the popular Capcom influenced retro fighting game is BACK with a new build, but is it worth your time? Check out Our's thoughts on New BUILD and on Hyper Dragon Ball Z overall. The new 4.c BUILD adds Vegetto Tien and Super Buu characters and intros and outros. More :https://danielgoties55.wixsite.com/hdbzpage Credit :

Balthazar - Z2 captain, Character sprite artist, main gameplay designer, elusive rare gold foil character Iced - Idea Engineer Extraordinaire, Z2 manager of sorts, Demon Lord Daeron - Stage artist, Programmer, Character sprite artist AlexSin: Programmer and Assistant Spriter, needs more cowbell Barker - Character sprite artist Nico_18 - Character sprite artist, mysterious mystery Deddy95 - Character sprite assistant XGargoyle - Programmer JustNoPoint - Programmer, known fraud, learned all they know from Rawkhawk RawkHawk - Programmer, lord of edits, traitorous work dodger Rodknee - Ikemen build programmer FClass97 - Ikemen build programmer Ethan The Human - Sprite assistant, Stage artist, and Programming assistant, Z2 errand boy who sometimes draws Retired/Inactive Members: Cybaster - Honorary coder HQ - Stage artist and Character sprite assistant Jango - Programmer, also a cool dood Contributors: WizzyWhipItWonderful - Epic CPS2 music composer, extremely rad NoZ - Creator of the Saiyan Pride stage Infinite - Character AI programmer  The_None - Saibaman programmer Gate: Sprite artist, El spriter blanco Thedge: Sprite artist Voice Actors: ShockDingo - Voice Actor for Freeza, Shenron, and Announcer RicePirate - Voice Actor for Vegeta, Super Sand Legend Diepod - Voice Actor for Piccolo PM SEYMOUR - Voice Actor for Gotenks Philly Spider-Man - Voice Actor for Gohan Damarcus008:New CPS2 music  compser

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Shadowy Ninja
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Not rated

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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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