I am your Dead v2

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Epidemic. There are not enough meds for people. Young Doctor tired to lose his patients and he decided to seek for Black Magic to raise them from the dead. It’s not that simple. Now the Undeads live in a Limbo and they are bend to its will. That’s why it’s really hard to bring Undeads on the surface. Young Doctor need a huge source of energy. Luckily the energy could be found in Limbo…


E - Loot everything around undead, but be careful, if you loot enemy, it kills you

Space - use ability. Warrior destriy everything around it and mage can reveal traps.

Q - Change undead class. Fom warrior to mage and backward

Mouse left button click: make undead moving to pointed field


Lead your Undead from a Limbo to the Portal, till you run out of Mana!

Unless you control your Undead quickly, it starts to act insane, doing what it wants. Such actions don’t cost Mana, but they are unpredictable. Think quick and control your Undead with Mana points!

Each order costs 2 Mana points. Move by mouse double click to your goal. E = Loot

There are enemies. DESTROY them with the WARRIOR Undead. = SPACE button

There are fake traps. There are fake chests. FIND them with the MAGE Undead. = SPACE button

If your Mana is over, you lose.

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Last Modified: May 15, 2020

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